Violet - реалистичная секс-кукла премиум-класса

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Sex Doll Violet - молодая японская школьница, которая только что закончила свое образование и готова экспериментировать со своим телом. «Я пока мало что знаю. Но я хочу научиться доставлять тебе удовольствие», - говорит она. «Отвези меня домой, коснись меня, раздень меня и сделай своим»

Ключевая особенность
  • Материал:100% TPE со скелетом
  • Высота:4 фута 9 (145 см) или 5 футов (153 см)
  • Вес: 62 фунта (28 кг) или 82 фунта (37 кг)
  • Грудь-талия-бедра:78см * 56см * 82см или -см * 52см * 86см
  • Функции:Для орального / анального / груди / влагалища
  • Вагинальный выбор:Встроенное влагалище или съемное влагалище
  • Подарки продукта: Чистящие средства, расчески, перчатки, парик, сексуальное женское белье

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  • Бесплатная доставка в США и Европу
  • Небезрассудная упаковка - коробка абсолютно простая и без маркировки

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Jason L.
    Product Review - Violet

    So I have to give a lengthy review for this product.
    soo... TLDR:
    -Worth it, should get it.
    -very heavy, don't under estimate it
    -very petite body
    -premiumdolls gives great service and almost instant responses

    Pros / Cons
    First, AMAZING service from premium dolls. They were patient with me as I made my decision about which doll to get. They answered every question and gave great service all around. Shipping took an average amount of time which with Covid this year, was amazed at how fast it was. I was hesitant at first because of the fake sites out there. but I have not been disappointed with premiumdolls.
    Product itself is quite nice. The feel of the 'skin' is good and very great feeling. Body, butt, and breasts do feel very firm, I would probably recommend hollow breasts for more realistic feel. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE WEIGHT. For being 60-70ish pounds it is still quite a heavy doll to move or lift. Joints are stiff, but they need to be to maintain certain positions. Moving the doll from bed to shower isn't overly hard, but trying to clean in the shower has proven extremely difficult. The size of the doll is slightly misleading from the pictures. Measurements are also slightly skewed off. example hips say 40inch, closer to 34inch. Doll is only 5ft tall including the head, the body / torso is quite petite giving the doll a young teenager-sized appearance. Try to think of a super petite Asian teen just out of highschool.
    I do recommend this doll, she is quite wonderful and beautiful (highly recommend the add-ons). Body warming is wonderful and the other features give more life to the doll. (not needed, but feels more realistic).

    I hope this helps anyone else looking at the product. Quite satisfied with my Violet.

    Jesse Mcdonald

    Ordered back on the 13th and I'm still waiting on a delivery date???

    Violet delivery

    Thanks guys for my adult play.

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