Эмма - ультра реалистичная секс-кукла в японском стиле

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Эмма - молодая японская школьница, которая только что закончила свое образование и готова вступить в большой, взрослый мир сильных, похотливых мужчин! Она создана для того, чтобы наслаждаться любым положением, благодаря подвижным суставам и крепкому металлическому позвоночнику, она может сохранять женскую осанку. Возьмите ее на кровать или на диван, перекиньте ее ноги на плечи или согните и обхватите ее за талию. Твой выбор! Исследуй свои самые смелые сексуальные фантазии с Эммой.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ry S
Not Bad, Could Be Better

Overall I am relatively pleased with this doll. Upon first opening it I was surprised by the looks. It does look pretty realistic but I will say the photos on the site and pretty flattering and make it look more real than the actual doll looks. Next the doll came with some kind of oily film on it, probably from production or shipping or something. But the oil left a giant stain on my sheets, so that was kind of annoying. Another thing about the sheets was the fact that they are black and the silicone material soaked up the dye from the sheet and that stained the doll and it is now discolored.. I don't have a bathtub I can use at my house so I put her in the shower and tried to clean it with no luck. I also decided to get the normal feet instead of the standing feet and while standing it in the shower, after so many times the metal feet started tearing through the bottom of the feet, so now the feet look all chewed up. The only other thing I'll mention which is my bad is to be careful with heated blankets, I got this in the winter time and it was so cold, so I tried to warm it up and the heated blanket melted on of the nipples, so that was super disappointing because the nipples actually felt really nice. Overall for the price I got it for I am pretty satisfied. The face looks super cute, the breasts feel nice, and it feels good inside. Was it worth the money, maybe not, but I am still pretty happy to have her.

Christopher Angelo
Good Product

Good product, good quality. Customer service quick to respond.

Beautiful Little Emma

I never have had experience with a doll before but have read much about them and there different functions. I was a little skeptical when I ordered her, but now that I have her, she is more than 100% of how advertised! So realistic in every way! I am so satisfied with her and she never says " I have a headache, not tonight":) I give you a 10 Star rating! Thank you!

Paul Smith
A Work of Art

Emma is truly a work of art! Such detail and excellent quality! Thanks for your service.


This was my first experience buying a love doll. I was nervous that the deals on this site were too good to be true but I have to say the customer service was great (I made a change to my order right after purchase and they changed it and replied immediately). Also, the shipping was fast and reliable. And most importantly, the doll is wonderful!

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