Изабелла - красивая блондинка

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Изабелла бережно хранила свою чистоту, так что, когда ты превращаешь ее в своего ребенка и забираешь домой, она может подарить тебе ее девственность.Она может быть наивна и невинна, но она также сексуальна, жаждет прикосновения с двумя любящими рукамиМы хотим, чтобы тебе повезло!независимо от того, в какую сторону вы хотите ее сгибать, она может наслаждаться всеми позами с ее крепким позвоночником и подвижным суставом.

Основные особенности

  • Эта кукла всегда закрывает глаза
  • материалы: 100% TPE, металлический каркас
  • рост4 фута 6 футов (140 см)
  • вес53 фунта (24 кг)
  • * обхват груди * 84 См * 49 См * 76 См
  • функция: Оральный / маммографический / вагинальный / анальный секс
  • подарок к продукции:моющие инструменты, расческа, перчатки, парик, сексуальное бельё

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Информация о погрузке

  • бесплатная доставка в США, Канаду и Европу
  • Осторожно упаковать - коробка совершенно без этикетки
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Good, but deliv time = get ready

Doll was good. Took a star off because i went with default color but color sent was pink, online was white. Shipping took forever, (site shipped doll in 10 days) took 4 weeks exact to get to me (my doll had 0 custom things to it). Went with 5'2 doll, thing weighs just over 80 lbs!! If I ever were to purchase another, would be 4'6 or so, i estimate every 2 inches is about 5-10lbs. As for feel, it was new to me, so 8-10. Compared to real thing (person) 4-10. So, better than i expected! Also, FYI, I'm from Canada, doll came from China, customs did open the package, didn't put back together great, customs also charged about 170$ total for duties and taxes - paid everything via PayPal.

I wanted a removable vagina-sleeve, for easy cleaning....

But the "fixed-vagina" structure of the doll wouldn't let me fit the sleeve. It was money well-wasted.

The body of the 148-cm version wasn't "A-cup" -- but I rate that as a plus, she's got wonderful tight-nippled C-cup breasts! And she's still "spinner" enough to fit my fantasies.

I also wanted the shyly-closed eyes, because I disliked the idea of having those glassy eyes "staring" at me. But I may buy an extra head with open eyes.

Aside from the no-sleeve-possible fixed vagina, I've learned of a work-around using FC2 female (internal) condoms. That would slip into place easily, after rinsing off the silicone lube, and it would contain my love-juices and eliminate the problems of cleaning her out.

The body, however, is better than my fantasies. I'm used to A-cup Pinays with no butt. This body has C-cup breasts and a darling bubble-butt!

Great Quality, but with one major disappointment. (UPDATED)

This is an edit to my first review. The eyes not opening thing is really bothering me. I feel like some sort of predator with the eyes closed. Going to have to drop the review rating.

Great Quality, but with one major disappointment.

When I ordered this doll it gave me the choice of eye color. I know that the picture showed the doll with her eyes closed, but the the choice in eye color, I thought that it was a good assumption that the eyes could also be opened. To my disappointment, I found that the eyes “Could Not” be opened. Funny enough though, they did send me a set of blue eyes with my order. I guess it just feels a little weird to me to be having sex with a sleeping girl, it’s kind of creepy, and is a little of a buzz kill. I wish that there was some sort of notation on the web site about the fact that the eyes cannot be opened. All other aspects of this doll are great though. Great quality, detail and feel. Maybe in the future I will look into replacing the head, but not sure if I want the additional cost.

Just awesome!

A much nicer product than I expected, plus a holiday special 50% savings off the list price couldn't pass it up. Thanks to Premium dolls team

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