Premium Dolls - Now Accepting Cryptocurrency!

Premium Dolls - Now Accepting Cryptocurrency!

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Pay in Crypto at Premium Dolls

Looking for an easier way to pay on Premium Dolls? You’ve found it, we’re now accepting cryptocurrency to make your life that little bit better. We want to give you as many options as possible when it comes to making your experience on our site seamless. Here’s why purchasing via cryptocurrency may work for you.


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Using cryptocurrency is safe and easy. Anyone from any country can carry out a transaction under the benefit of anonymity. We value our customers’ loyalty and privacy, which means not only will delivery of your sex doll be discreet but so will your transaction when you use cryptocurrency. Purchases made by a user are not associated with a person’s identity, everything goes through a decentralized platform. What’s more, is that no one will be able to trace the transaction back to you. Rest easy knowing your payment is safe, secure and secret.

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We understand our customers are everywhere and want access to everything. By using our new method of paying with cryptocurrency, you can make those international transactions smoother and more efficient. Learn how to take advantage of this payment method by getting in touch with our team!

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We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more! If you need assistance please contact us at or why not start a live chat with our customer service? Click the ‘chat now’ button on the right hand side of the page and one of our agents will help you. 


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Send it to us at: Get your story published and a discount code for your next doll.

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