Standing Feet extra feature for Sex Dolls

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Make your sex doll look even more realistic by adding the standing feet feature.

NOTE: This feature can only be added to your doll when it is still in the manufacturing stage.

Please contact customer support before purchasing this feature. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Too Heavy!

this doll is nice,but it is too Heavy! For someone like myself who is a senior citizen and not very strong,this doll" is just too heavy to move around.I like the doll.She is everything life like.Nice breast,nice face,nice to the touch but although its a little to difficult to have sex at the same time when your trying to kiss her breast or kiss her mouth. Again for me she is just too heavy to move around. I'm mix about this doll?

Totally happy

Really have nothing to say except Phil did an awesome job selling me Sophie and Storm. Sophie is a perfect image of my wife who passed in December 2018. And Storm is the perfect image of her best friend. Who I secretly had the hots for. Tried to suggest a 3-some with my wife but she didn’t get it. All I can say is I am 100% happy and satisfied with the purchase. Two dolls for under $2500. I am 62, living alone, but now I’m not alone. If you want me to say more catch me on a day I’m not so busy.

You need it for standing poses, but ...

I tore up my doll's feet, around the bolts, before I realized it. They're also a problem on carpeted floors, like the hallway where I pose my doll standing. It's very difficult to shift her feet, in any case.

The solution, for me, was a pair of "shoe liners," or what they used to call "Peds." These cover the soles of the feet, but on top they only get about halfway from the toe-joints to the ankle. (It's still hard to shift her feet, but they aren't getting torn up.)

This wouldn't work if you're a foot-fetishist, but they're a cheap and easy-to-replace answer to possibly damaging your doll's feet. Wish I'd thought of them before I stood the doll up.

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