Mystique - Ultra realistic Blue Skin Sex doll Full TPE

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Sex Doll Mystique is now out and ready to misbehave.

Read the full Blog post here: Blue Sex Dolls Now Available

Key Features

Material: 100% TPE with skeleton
Height: 4 Sizes! 
Weight: 33KG
Bust*waist*hip: 80cm*50cm*80cm
Functions: For oral / vagina/ anus sex

Product gifts: Cleaning pump, wigs, some sexy lingerie

Brand: AS Dolls

Shipping Information

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  • Discreet Packaging - the box is completely plain and unlabelled
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Donald Chestnutwood

Awesome I recommend to get the yoga Soft shoulders which makes it more realistic other than that I’m enjoying good times

David Vonaven
All things considered she's pretty darn great :)

I'm definitely happy with the results. The only concerns I might have about it is that her right side joints are a little stiff to move and rotate. And that her paint/makeup coloring on her lips and private areas started rubbing off after a few weeks of regular use. And one of her eyelashes has come most of the way off. But the paint and such feels like an expected eventual issue. I was just hoping it would be more then a couple weeks. :p Also her head does tend to turn one way or the other. But other then that she's great! She looks beautiful! Who ever did the eyebrows on her arched them very nicely. Her body and form is so sexy and feel great to the touch. Her insides feel almost TOO good, if you know what I mean. ;) Hell her face and head and her cute elf ears all look so good she doesn't even need a wig. She looks better without one in our opinion. Plus hairs from the wig just end up coming out and getting everywhere. So easier without. Anyway that's my review. She's always there when we want her, she's always happy with your performance, and she never complains about anything either. Sure you it's a bit of a workout to move her around, but still. Best $1200 we ever spend on a woman! ;) :p :)

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