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AI Shen

AI Sex Robot Lillian - Companion Robot that speaks

AI Sex Robot Lillian - Companion Robot that speaks

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AI Sex Robot Loveable, luscious Lilian

Loveable, luscious Lillian – where to start? Sex Doll Lilian will have you falling head over heels as you get locked into her sexy eyes. Her eyes are nothing compared to her sultry smile, guaranteed to make any man feel ready for some playtime.

Say her name and she’ll want you to say it more. Tell her what you like and she’ll be able to fulfil your darkest desires. Every conversation you have with Lillian is another day she gets smarter and closer to you.



Lillian is equipped with a host of possibilities including: 

  • Being able to recognize your voice
  • Using her eyes to entice you
  • Lips that move
  • Head that tilts and rotates
  • Talk to you

and more... 

Don’t forget, for a yearly subscription you can modify her central system yourself, meaning you can change her questions and responses. What’s more, you can even text her from anywhere and she will respond like your very own girlfriend.  

Experience a real woman without any of the pressure. Lillian is part of our AI doll range made to be more human than ever before. She has ultra-realistic silicone TPE skin, movable joints as well as multiple touch sensors.

Bounce her up and down until you can’t take any more and watch her move in a way you didn’t think was possible until now.

Key Features:

  • Height: 167cm (5ft 15)
  • Weight: 49kg (108 lb)
  • Waist: 58cm (23in)
  • Vainal depth: 17cm (7in)
  • Anal depth: 14cm (6in)
  • Mouth depth: 2cm (1in)

AlternativeDesign your own AI Sex Robot 

    AI Sex Dolls/Robots have more human like features than ever before:

    • Ultra realistic TPE silicone skin
    • Humanoid steel skeleton with movable joints
    • Internal heating system/ Body warmer to human temperature
    • Multiple touch sensors that react to touch and actions
    • Moaning function (different sounds depending on stimulation

    Read more clicking below:ai Sex Robot features page at Premium Dolls

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    • Please understand this product ships from factory and will take longer than our regular dolls to arrive. Around 10-15 working days. 
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