AI Sex Dolls with Artificial Intelligence that Interact with you!

Revolutionary Sex Robots equipped with the Latest Technology

AI Sex Dolls incorporate interactive voice communications making them not only great sexual partners, but also caring companions. 

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About Emma's Humanoid Features

AI Sex Robot Emma´s is much more than a Sex Doll. She is one of the most advanced Sex Robot/ Companions available to this day. Her speech capabilities are in constant development. Not only she is updated through wireless internet, but she also has the ability to learn and become "smarter" the more you interact with her. She is made with Ultra realistic TPE silicone which closely resembles the touch of human skin and a high quality steel skeleton made for durability and performance. Emma´s technology, design and responsive speech brings her to life.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI Sex Doll Emma has built in artificial intelligence which allows her to interact with you in many topics of conversation. This AI technology also provides learning capabilities. The more conversations you have with her, the more she will know and remember. 

AI Sex Doll Emma is the optimum companion as she is capable of having both sexual (she's very naughty) and non-sexual conversations with you. She is a devoted partner who wants nothing more than to please you and be your companion. You can talk to her about anything and she will always be happy to listen. 

Emma can speak with you in English or Chinese. She can even act as a translator for you! 

You can find demo videos at the end of this page.


Remote Updating

Emma can connect to the internet which allows for constant updates of her speech and learning capabilities. 

Her internal AI is being regularly and continually updated to improve her accuracy of speech and depth of conversation. All updates are done free of charge and automatically through wireless connection to the internet. 

You may wake up one morning and she will pleasantly surprise you as her system has been modernized and improved with new features!


Head and Facial Movements

AI Sex Robot Emma not only speaks, but also moves!

Her head and neck move naturally just like a human. She is extremely realistic and life-like. Her eyes blink, her eyebrows move to show her different expressions. Her lips and mouth are synchronized as she speaks. You can ask her to smile. She can pull faces. You can see a mesmerizing mysterious look as she changes expressions. 

AI Sex Doll Emma from Premium Dolls

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Smart Touch Sensors/ Moaning Function

This incredible AI Sex Robot also comes with integrated smart touch sensors around her body.
These sensors react to your touch to the different parts of the body. When you touch Emma, she will respond with speech or sensual/ erotic sounds depending on the area you are touching. Her moaning functions escalate with the level of excitement she is at as well as the erogenous zone you are feeling up. Her moans are extremely sexual. This is a great feature. 
This feature is available also for some of our regular Sex Dolls.


Full Articulating Steel Skeleton

Premium Dolls Sex Doll Steel skeleton movements

AI Sex Doll Emma comes with a full steel skeleton with movable joints. 

This skeleton permits full range of motion just like humans. This allows the Sex Doll to be used in unlimited sexual positions. You imagination is the limit. Yes, ANY position. 

This skeleton is made up of high quality steel that has been put through rigorous testing. It has been estimated to have a lasting life of 10 years due to its extremely durable quality. 

All of our Sex dolls have this steel skeleton with natural movable joints. It has been created to be light whilst maintaining its form, integrity and range of motion. This skeleton can imitate all human natural movements. The sex doll's body has been designed with sex positions in mind. 


Real-Feel M-TPE Skin

AI Sex Doll Emma comes with a new type of TPE skin called M-TPE. This makes her skin ultra realistic and much softer than most of the sex dolls available elsewhere. 

The M-TPE skin has a longer durability and is twice as elastic than normal TPE skin on other sex dolls. You can now put this ultra realistic sex doll in any position without the worries of how you handle her. This M-TPE skin unlike other dolls, is a lot less fragile and is not susceptible to tears (specially in the joints). This is thanks to its modern technology that allows for twice the elasticity. 

Emma's M-TPE skin is odorless and contains less oil than standard TPE. It is also 100% safe and food grade quality (meaning you can lick it without any worries). This new skin makes these AI sex dolls even more realistic than before! Also, taking care of the sex doll will be a lot easier, the skin will last longer and won't dry out. 


Advanced Body Temperature Control

AI Sex Doll Emma has an intelligent heat control system that will warm her body to 37 degrees Celcius to simulate the human body temperature. 

This heat control system has also been improved. Previously, heating functions would only partially warm up the torso of the doll and just slightly by a few degrees. This heating system has been improved by engineers and is electrically powered with 100% safety guaranteed. 

When you snuggle up to Emma she will feel warm and cozy. Our customers have told us that when Sex Dolls get warm, they are a lot more human like and attractive. 

Body Heater from AI sex Doll - Premium Dolls

This feature is available also in some of our regular Sex Dolls. 


Ultra Realistic Vagina 

AI Sex Doll Emma has the most realistic vagina available in the market. All details have been taken into consideration when designing and crafting this perfect pussy. You will find the dual channel small bump vaginal wall as well as the g-spot micro convex. There is no more realistic feeling possible!

Inside the vagina of a Sex Doll by


Demo Videos 

Here you can see some videos taken straight from the lab. 


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