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Torso doll

very happy with my purchase... Worth the wait. Awesome quality!

The Best

We are a small retail shop in AZ , we have sampled many different company's products ( Dolls ) Premium Dolls is just as they name suggests there products are of the upmost quality & they take pride in there products , we have ordered four or five within the last year & will only be ordering from this company due to quality & the many options they offer , we truly appreciate the personal touch & attention they offer Top Quality ! We use the Dolls to display Jewelry & clothes along with the Dolls...Thank You !...DSC

Great product but starting to to see worn parts on it


Difficult to move and heavy to lift

Nice doll

Pretty doll with green eyes. The only hang up I have is I order for jelly breast and didn't receive it with doll.

Stain remover for TPE sex doll

Nice doll

The doll is nice but paying $195.00 for jelly breast wasn't with my doll. The only hang up I have with doll.

Beautiful Hazel

Very beautiful doll with soft skin. I’m very happy to have chosen the belly breasts (more reals), but the removable vagina is very hard (impossible) to put in and the standing feet I misunderstood what it was so I don’t like to see the screws. In général, I’m very satisfied, this is clearly a quality product.

Delilah - Petite Brunette Ultra Realistic TPE Sex Dol (4 Sizes)

3 star

No matter how hard I try I can not get it to change its name or who the master is. Requires a very high internet connection other wise it is keeps saying "The brain does not have enough friends". and that the network is not good enough. Even though I have a wireless 5G connection.

5 ft 7 and she's got it all

Happy In The Sack

Ordered my doll with heating/moaning and pubic hair additions, normal feet, normal shoulders and normal breasts. Fixed vagina. Very happy with what I received. She looks and feels great and was exactly like the photos. The only things I would change if I order again is to get the standing feet option, jelly or hollow breasts and shrugging shoulders. I don't suggest the voice module as while it is in english it is very heavily accented and sounds riduculous/not sexy. One thing I wanted to mention was I was very impressed with the pubic hair addition. The website option photo doesn't do it justice as it looks far more realistic than pictured and it adds a great touch of realism to the doll. Love cuddling up with her lying on her side and positioned so I can spoon her from behind while I fall asleep.

Order was a bit later than expected due to time of order coinciding with chinese new year shut down but still within a timeframe I was happy with. Would order again but I will wear this poor girl out first :)

Alice - Super Hot Action Sex Doll with Huge Breasts

Alysha - Fantasy Blue Skin Sex doll

She's So Heavy

Maria is absolutely gorgeous, but I have three problems with her.
1. I ordered a removable vagina, but she came with a fixed vagina, which makes cleanup very difficult
2. She is extremely heavy for an old man like me, but hte more I work with her, the stronger I get.
3. Her wigs don't fit right. They are too big for her head. I noticed that there are two straps with hooks in the back, only I don't know what to do with them.

Other than that, I am very happy with Maria. She is a lot of fun to play with.

Delilah - Petite Brunette Ultra Realistic TPE Sex Dol (4 Sizes)

Castania- Sex Doll with purple hair and sexy body

Wow! What a product!

Best decision I ever made for my sex life. I’ll never cheat on my girlfriend again.

Elf doll

Very well made all came very nicely packed & a wonderful, beautiful face/ head along with a body to Lov , I will defiantly be ordering more & just Lov this company ! & the products ! Thank you for the special touch of class ! Lov lov


Awesome I recommend to get the yoga Soft shoulders which makes it more realistic other than that I’m enjoying good times

Very Nice Doll

Very Nice Doll but Gemma is still my favorite

Sydney - Big Ass Ultra Realistic TPE Sex Doll

Super awesome

Kellie is super cute and the tpe skin is amazingly realistic and nicely detailed.
I would highly recommend this doll!
Thank you Premium dolls!

New best friend

Very good quality. Impressive pricing. I wouldn’t even look to another company for purchasing toys. I have 2 already and hopefully another on its way soon

Good doll, good service

I receive my doll in time. She's perfect, I as expected. I had problem with an extra wig and the team service was really great to solve the problem quickly. Thank you.