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She is beautiful

In the beginning it took me one minute. Now is going better i even bye clothes and sexy lingerie and wen i put it on i’m so horny that i put my dik in here mouth. But she is fantastic. Love her so much, thanks

Pretty freakin cool

These things are so realistic. I can stare at here and barely tell that she's fake. Very detailed from head to toe. feet are very realistic. Hands aren't great because the fingers' bones are practically like wire but it's not bad either. Vagina is very realistic, nipples were a little darker and breasts look better than these pictures. They're very realistic. ass is amazing. This thing is so heavy tho which is good and bad. Can be tiring moving her but when you're in the position you want the weight adds to the realism. Packaging was very good.

stain remover

very effective to remove strain that dont go after washing or with baby oil but you have to give some time to the paste to work

Teresa - Sex Doll with TPE Real-Feel Skin

The Teresa Doll is well crafted. Unfortunately, there are drawbacks that take away from total likability, such as:
- she’s way too heavy for easy portability.
- there are no instructions for cleaning and general upkeep.
- the bolts under her feet appear to be protruding out leaving indentations and scratches in floors.
- the TPE material at the bottom of her feet appear to the flaking and falling off.
- I didn’t get the heating option but she’s very cold even when the room temperature is comfortably warm.

It will be nice to have a set of instructions.

New Life

I'm looking to purchase a Asian brown eyes long black hair small chest small waist nice behind.

hook hanger

very usefull for storage or cleaning the doll .

shrugging shoulder

Nice feature, give possibility to more realistic mouvement and more flexibility


Everything is exceptional.

Amazing better than expected

Looks exactly like the pictures. Perfect body and face. Highly recommended.

bonne taille

Convient largement à mon petit pénis de 7cm première fois que je touche le corps d'une femme et je ne comprends pas mes verrues sont parties après avoir fait ma première fois avec la poupée .

Excellent Quality

Very well done doll head. Perfect make up and eyes.

My order is on layaway so I can give you a review right now Until I got to pay for it And I have it

Good, but deliv time = get ready

Doll was good. Took a star off because i went with default color but color sent was pink, online was white. Shipping took forever, (site shipped doll in 10 days) took 4 weeks exact to get to me (my doll had 0 custom things to it). Went with 5'2 doll, thing weighs just over 80 lbs!! If I ever were to purchase another, would be 4'6 or so, i estimate every 2 inches is about 5-10lbs. As for feel, it was new to me, so 8-10. Compared to real thing (person) 4-10. So, better than i expected! Also, FYI, I'm from Canada, doll came from China, customs did open the package, didn't put back together great, customs also charged about 170$ total for duties and taxes - paid everything via PayPal.

Too Heavy!

this doll is nice,but it is too Heavy! For someone like myself who is a senior citizen and not very strong,this doll" is just too heavy to move around.I like the doll.She is everything life like.Nice breast,nice face,nice to the touch but although its a little to difficult to have sex at the same time when your trying to kiss her breast or kiss her mouth. Again for me she is just too heavy to move around. I'm mix about this doll?

She looks just like on the pictures

I received her today and I am amazed. Her face is just like on the picutres. She looks awesome.

In additon to Kitty, I received a stick that is UBS cherged, but have no idea what it is for.... llooks like a minature dildo.

Anyway I am super happy.

hours of fun i let my wife watch she is a peaker

Ophelia - Ultra Realistic TPE Sex Doll Blond (4 Sizes)

Doll blue

Got her dyed blue and it’s amazing. Took about 4 weeks to get her. I will say the weight is heavy it’s all in her boobs got her also with standing feet it was worth that little extra money. But over will buy again whenever this day I got now gets old. One more thing the box she comes in is really big about 6 feet long so be ready for that too.


Was informed that they didn’t know how long delay would be wish Covid-19 going on. Faster then i thought.


Where I am happy that she looks exactly like The picture, she’s not what I ordered “exactly”, I ordered her with blue skin, and hollowed breast , I actually wish I had the option jelly, but I guess that was brought on later, it gets delivered out in China, but that doesn’t bother me really, but what bothers me the most is that I paid extra for something and I figured now that the add-on may have just been a scam and I just only bought extra for the display,

Monique - Realistic TPE Sex Doll (4 Sizes)

Monique - Realistic TPE Sex Doll (4 Sizes)

My Second doll

After buying Britney about 2 years ago, I have now got Delilah to join us at home. Love them both.

Lucy - Top Quality TPE Sex Doll
Doll review

She great but all her make up and nipple color has come off. And the wig sheds hair everywhere and is hard to keep on. Plus she’s much more heavy than expected.

Great short big tits doll.

Great tan, perfect face, huge tits for a short doll. This doll is perfect for guys that like gitls that are 5'1.

Great big breast doll

Great doll, great skin, very soft skin. Best part are her huge tits. More than a hand full.