About Us

Premium Dolls is a Sex Doll company based in San Diego, California with manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China. Premium Dolls specializes in the manufacture and sale of medical TPE Sex Dolls, thereby offering an exceptional range of top quality products at affordable prices.

premium dolls sex doll factory

The Research & Development team has worked very hard to develop safe, reliable and smart sex dolls of many different shapes and sizes, earning the CE, RoHS & MSDS test certifications.

premium dolls sex doll factory

Premium Dolls prides itself in honesty, integrity and good relationships with it's customers, with the sole purpose of providing excellent products with fast manufacturing & delivery.

Affordable Prices

Premium Dolls is able to provide high quality TPE products using identical materials and production methods as those (absurdly) expensive branded dolls, making it an affordable alternative.

We are Premium Dolls. Quality. Value. Discretion. Fun.

The End Result

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