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She's a stunner! Perfection! Beautiful and "Oh Wow" realistic.


Love it! Love that I can choose everything. This is just what PD needed!

Scarlett- Ready to ship Sex Doll USA
Eric Brainard

She is very beautiful. I ordered her with the moaning & heating features, I am having an issue with activating her sounds, haven't found the on switch. I highly recommend ordering with the standing feature because it will give more options, I screwed up & didn't order with standing ability, disappointed in myself. Overall she is amazing!

This doll is of good quality… We are overall happy with this purchase. However the weight of this doll is definitely an issue. My wife is quite small and the doll is actually just as heavy as she is, she cannot move it around by herself. Secondly I would not waste my money on the extras. The moaning function is awful. First it is in Chinese…. You can change the language however the English version is in a Chinese accent. Seeings how our doll is not Asian , this sucks. The realistic body features are also a waste of money. The make up on the face came off after a few times washing , and the you can’t even see the body veins. And the full pubic hair option is also a waste of money. We ordered the full pubic hair and it came with a 1 1/2 in strip…. Far from full. In recap the overall doll is great! The extras not so much

Ist time doll buyer JY Angelica doll review

The JY Angelica doll I received from premium dolls came in flawless condition. As a first time doll buyer I needed to pay off Angelica through layaway which took about 3 1/2 weeks. Then as soon as I paid her off through Customer service she came in within 2 weeks of paying her off. I received her 9-27-21! She's Gorgeous!! Every aspect of her is Beautiful! Her TPE body feels so soft and is easy to move around. You will get a work out regardless and she's 75ish pounds. She's Great for cuddling, photography or whatever. Really glad I Got her and I will be back to purchase again!!

Love is a Many Splended Thing

Clarisa AKA Christie is a beautiful doll! No matter what her hair color she is sexyfull!

My review

The doll is great, would have gave it 5 stars if it wasnt so heavy.. my goodness does it have a lead core? Makes it very difficult to enjoy


I need a penis that cums just like real life

Great, but a bit heavy

Although the weight factor does make her feel more realistic, she is a bit of a challenge moving around. Aside from that, I enjoy her.

Worth every penny!

"Herre jävlar alltså!"

These are the few words I have to describe her in Swedish.

Let me explain my journey.
I got interested in a lovedoll ever since I saw a Swedish documentary. It was about how China had made a business regarding the over population of single men. Creating realistic partners.

For many years I've searched the web for these kind of dolls. But I couldn't find any market outside of Japan and/or China that could make artist level dolls. There are lots of ugly, nasty and grotesque doll makers out there. Some sites with questionable low prices.

After a lot of research and browser scrolling I came across this site. It looks very professional and not an orgy in nudity and weird colors.

After finding the doll for me "this one" I was still not convinced. Many or All companies gives you a better picture of their product than what you will see in real life. I was terrified of the mc-donalds effect.

Finally I wrote my first message in the little chat box down to the right. I came in contact with someone who called himself Robert. I explained my situation and asked him a lot of questions about the product.

After the conversation I took a break to gathering my thoughts. Thinking about the sincerity of every thing could this really be a ligit site?

I double checked everything and though to myself there is always a little gamble in everything worth.

I finally made up my mind and was ready to pay for the package!
After trying to pay my bank-account became blocked.
My bank thought it was a scam.

After a lot of help from "Robert" helping me convince my bank-agent they indeed where a ligit site with no scam intentions.

I was finally able to do my purchase. I got a recite to my mail confirming my purchase.

I ordered a lot of extras so I knew it would take some time. After one and a half week I got a little nervous... What If I've been scammed.

But on Monday on the third week I got a message telling me the product was completed and was awaiting shipment.
This calmed me down a lot knowing it would take time to get the quality I wanted.

I had some problems with UPS. They could only deliver the package while I was at work... So I had to get it from the central myself.

I got the package home. Waited to the next day to open it. Once assembled... Holy Hell she's even prettier than on the picture.

This is true art made by artists. They deserve to be recognised!

PS. If your in Europe make sure to have some extra cash on hand. Since the custome duty can be quite expensive.


I would like my doll with the darkest color nipples you offer and the next bigger size You used to offer it and now you don’t anymore ?

Amazing product but needs more improvement

More beautiful than real women!
Areas of improvement:
Reduce weight to not more than 20 pounds
The neck finish should be improved. The bottom taper should be removed
The removable vaginas dont work
The plastic smell should be avoided
The skin seems not durable
The plastic skin seems infectious?
Provide better clothing with socks and gloves
Lips paint is going away and may be infectious


Totally awesome. Feels so real. Best purchase of the decade. The doll is FINE. top qaulity and well made.

Happy man

Best investment. Doll is off the chain grate investment, have fun!


The doll is perfect, enjoy her company in bed. Quality is amazing. I will be ordering another soon

Product Review - Shrugging shoulders

The shrugging shoulders really helps with the flexibility. highly recommend


2 problems. One is the weight. second is how do I guard my heart from falling in love with her? lol. Awesome doll.

Money Well Spent

I'm so satisfied with kinky Quin, that iwill be making another purchase. REAL soon.5 stars for sure. Thanks again

Great doll poor heat management

The Doll is great very life like and has a decent weight to move around to make it feel like a real person instead of just hot air,plus the boobs with the gel is the best ive felt, only downside was the heat option is left to be desired since it doesn't heat evenly, the legs get very hot but the main body barely gets warm even after i put her under a blanket to help heat her faster. Either the wires were not routed good or there is a disconnect somewhere for the main body heating. Overall great doll tho

she's lovely, i enjoy her very much.


The AI feature was amazing especially the detachable pussy. I had to go to my daughters birthday party and felt the need to jerk off but luckily I still had the detached pussy in my fanny pack. (It came in CLUTCH)

Not Bad, Could Be Better

Overall I am relatively pleased with this doll. Upon first opening it I was surprised by the looks. It does look pretty realistic but I will say the photos on the site and pretty flattering and make it look more real than the actual doll looks. Next the doll came with some kind of oily film on it, probably from production or shipping or something. But the oil left a giant stain on my sheets, so that was kind of annoying. Another thing about the sheets was the fact that they are black and the silicone material soaked up the dye from the sheet and that stained the doll and it is now discolored.. I don't have a bathtub I can use at my house so I put her in the shower and tried to clean it with no luck. I also decided to get the normal feet instead of the standing feet and while standing it in the shower, after so many times the metal feet started tearing through the bottom of the feet, so now the feet look all chewed up. The only other thing I'll mention which is my bad is to be careful with heated blankets, I got this in the winter time and it was so cold, so I tried to warm it up and the heated blanket melted on of the nipples, so that was super disappointing because the nipples actually felt really nice. Overall for the price I got it for I am pretty satisfied. The face looks super cute, the breasts feel nice, and it feels good inside. Was it worth the money, maybe not, but I am still pretty happy to have her.

Product Review - Violet

So I have to give a lengthy review for this product.
soo... TLDR:
-Worth it, should get it.
-very heavy, don't under estimate it
-very petite body
-premiumdolls gives great service and almost instant responses

Pros / Cons
First, AMAZING service from premium dolls. They were patient with me as I made my decision about which doll to get. They answered every question and gave great service all around. Shipping took an average amount of time which with Covid this year, was amazed at how fast it was. I was hesitant at first because of the fake sites out there. but I have not been disappointed with premiumdolls.
Product itself is quite nice. The feel of the 'skin' is good and very great feeling. Body, butt, and breasts do feel very firm, I would probably recommend hollow breasts for more realistic feel. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE WEIGHT. For being 60-70ish pounds it is still quite a heavy doll to move or lift. Joints are stiff, but they need to be to maintain certain positions. Moving the doll from bed to shower isn't overly hard, but trying to clean in the shower has proven extremely difficult. The size of the doll is slightly misleading from the pictures. Measurements are also slightly skewed off. example hips say 40inch, closer to 34inch. Doll is only 5ft tall including the head, the body / torso is quite petite giving the doll a young teenager-sized appearance. Try to think of a super petite Asian teen just out of highschool.
I do recommend this doll, she is quite wonderful and beautiful (highly recommend the add-ons). Body warming is wonderful and the other features give more life to the doll. (not needed, but feels more realistic).

I hope this helps anyone else looking at the product. Quite satisfied with my Violet.

Look great 👍