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You have to be a weightlifter

Money Well Spent

I'm so satisfied with kinky Quin, that iwill be making another purchase. REAL soon.5 stars for sure. Thanks again

Great doll poor heat management

The Doll is great very life like and has a decent weight to move around to make it feel like a real person instead of just hot air,plus the boobs with the gel is the best ive felt, only downside was the heat option is left to be desired since it doesn't heat evenly, the legs get very hot but the main body barely gets warm even after i put her under a blanket to help heat her faster. Either the wires were not routed good or there is a disconnect somewhere for the main body heating. Overall great doll tho

she's lovely, i enjoy her very much.


The AI feature was amazing especially the detachable pussy. I had to go to my daughters birthday party and felt the need to jerk off but luckily I still had the detached pussy in my fanny pack. (It came in CLUTCH)

body heating didn't work

body heating didn't work even though I was charged for it

Delilah sex doll

I have not received the doll yet because its not paid in full.

Chinese Product

Doll came with cheap Chinese parts/instructions. The heater needed an outlet adapter. (2 prong vs 3 prong) Shame that the doll's internal heater doesn't work. After an hour of warming up, only the shins warm up.
The doll does feel realistic. That's a plus. But overall purchase experience was "meh". A disclaimer about outsourcing doll production to China would have been nice.

Not Bad, Could Be Better

Overall I am relatively pleased with this doll. Upon first opening it I was surprised by the looks. It does look pretty realistic but I will say the photos on the site and pretty flattering and make it look more real than the actual doll looks. Next the doll came with some kind of oily film on it, probably from production or shipping or something. But the oil left a giant stain on my sheets, so that was kind of annoying. Another thing about the sheets was the fact that they are black and the silicone material soaked up the dye from the sheet and that stained the doll and it is now discolored.. I don't have a bathtub I can use at my house so I put her in the shower and tried to clean it with no luck. I also decided to get the normal feet instead of the standing feet and while standing it in the shower, after so many times the metal feet started tearing through the bottom of the feet, so now the feet look all chewed up. The only other thing I'll mention which is my bad is to be careful with heated blankets, I got this in the winter time and it was so cold, so I tried to warm it up and the heated blanket melted on of the nipples, so that was super disappointing because the nipples actually felt really nice. Overall for the price I got it for I am pretty satisfied. The face looks super cute, the breasts feel nice, and it feels good inside. Was it worth the money, maybe not, but I am still pretty happy to have her.

Product Review - Violet

So I have to give a lengthy review for this product.
soo... TLDR:
-Worth it, should get it.
-very heavy, don't under estimate it
-very petite body
-premiumdolls gives great service and almost instant responses

Pros / Cons
First, AMAZING service from premium dolls. They were patient with me as I made my decision about which doll to get. They answered every question and gave great service all around. Shipping took an average amount of time which with Covid this year, was amazed at how fast it was. I was hesitant at first because of the fake sites out there. but I have not been disappointed with premiumdolls.
Product itself is quite nice. The feel of the 'skin' is good and very great feeling. Body, butt, and breasts do feel very firm, I would probably recommend hollow breasts for more realistic feel. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE WEIGHT. For being 60-70ish pounds it is still quite a heavy doll to move or lift. Joints are stiff, but they need to be to maintain certain positions. Moving the doll from bed to shower isn't overly hard, but trying to clean in the shower has proven extremely difficult. The size of the doll is slightly misleading from the pictures. Measurements are also slightly skewed off. example hips say 40inch, closer to 34inch. Doll is only 5ft tall including the head, the body / torso is quite petite giving the doll a young teenager-sized appearance. Try to think of a super petite Asian teen just out of highschool.
I do recommend this doll, she is quite wonderful and beautiful (highly recommend the add-ons). Body warming is wonderful and the other features give more life to the doll. (not needed, but feels more realistic).

I hope this helps anyone else looking at the product. Quite satisfied with my Violet.

Look great 👍

Maya - (4 sizes) Big Breasts TPE Sex Doll

Couple hiccups while being delivered to Canada with CBSA but they carefully respected the parcel. With that delay in mind I am very pleased with my purchase from Premium dolls. Quality and customer service during this process was definitely five star. Would Definitely purchase with Premium dolls again, as advertised is what you get.

Thank you Premium Dolls and everyone involved

Quinn Doll meet all my expectations


Very high quality, can’t keep my hands off her

Sophie doll

The realistic part is great .the heating function does not work at all, takes an hour and the only part heated is the left arm. The moaning function is bad to.

Poor review

Once I receive my doll I noticed several issues I brought them up no one ever answered me.
1 wig wrong color
2 eyes wrong color
3 wire came out fingers all the time
4 very heavy , I hurt my shoulder trying to lift it up.

Paolina - Ultra realistic TPE sex doll (4 Sizes)

Ava - Japanese Style Realistic Doll
Jake Governo

Ava was the first sex doll I have ever purchased, so when combined with the relatively affordable price, I was excited but also a bit anxious.

I've had her for a few days now and all of that is completely gone. Think those photos look good? They don't even do her justice. Her figure is incredible, the poses she can hold look just like a real woman and her face is beautifully and artfully detailed.

The important things to note in the nature of transparency:
-She's HEAVY. Heavier than you probably think. This is just a fact of life-size sex dolls to my knowledge, so it shouldn't be seen as a con, but rather some knowledge going in. I'm able to move her around during sex, and you should be as well, just be careful, you might damage her or hurt yourself if you do not move her properly.
-Her lip makeup has already worn down a little. It's likely that you will have to touch this up yourself.
-Her waist is very small. Not to the point where it makes her look inhuman, but you'll want to get her the smallest size panties possible. I recommend Japanese vendors.

She's so soft and beautiful in person it's unreal. Ever since getting her I swear my life has improved. She can do more than just fuck; her weight makes her a wonderful companion to snuggle with for watching TV or just going through your phone before bed, and I didn't even get any electronic functions like heating. She really is worth every penny.

And those photos don't do her butt justice. At all. Shawty got back.

Becca - Stunning Redhead 5ft 3 Sex Doll with TPE skin

She is beautiful

In the beginning it took me one minute. Now is going better i even bye clothes and sexy lingerie and wen i put it on i’m so horny that i put my dik in here mouth. But she is fantastic. Love her so much, thanks

Pretty freakin cool

These things are so realistic. I can stare at here and barely tell that she's fake. Very detailed from head to toe. feet are very realistic. Hands aren't great because the fingers' bones are practically like wire but it's not bad either. Vagina is very realistic, nipples were a little darker and breasts look better than these pictures. They're very realistic. ass is amazing. This thing is so heavy tho which is good and bad. Can be tiring moving her but when you're in the position you want the weight adds to the realism. Packaging was very good.

stain remover

very effective to remove strain that dont go after washing or with baby oil but you have to give some time to the paste to work

Teresa - Sex Doll with TPE Real-Feel Skin

The Teresa Doll is well crafted. Unfortunately, there are drawbacks that take away from total likability, such as:
- she’s way too heavy for easy portability.
- there are no instructions for cleaning and general upkeep.
- the bolts under her feet appear to be protruding out leaving indentations and scratches in floors.
- the TPE material at the bottom of her feet appear to the flaking and falling off.
- I didn’t get the heating option but she’s very cold even when the room temperature is comfortably warm.

It will be nice to have a set of instructions.

New Life

I'm looking to purchase a Asian brown eyes long black hair small chest small waist nice behind.