Who Is Miss April?

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She’s curvy but slim. She has a large bust but a small waist. She’s playful with a round behind. Does she sound like your type? Keep reading to find out who the winner of our Miss April crown is. 

This sex doll is no stranger to the spotlight. Her dark brown hair flows down and brushes just past her boobs. Her dark brown eyes will have you locked into her stare for hours on end. Our winner is a sex doll who will fill every night with passion and lust. Say hello to our Miss April… Milla.

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Milla is a sex doll who is seductive, tantalizing and sexy. She knows what she wants and is ready to please you in ways you never thought possible. She takes the April crown not only for her curvaceous body but for her cheeky personality. Milla is known for her sexual skills but even more so for her flirtatious nature. Treat Milla to a night in alone and you might just be surprised where the evening might take you.

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Do busty brunettes make you feel some type of way? Do dark eyes draw you out of a world you want to forget? Indulge in an evening of fantasy with our Miss April sex doll, Milla. Milla is human-like with moveable joints, soft TPE skin and large breasts. Watch her bounce up and down by choosing jelly breasts as you customize our sex doll to your liking. From eye color, to skin color, we’ve got it all.

Our Miss April is as sturdy as they come with a steel frame underneath that soft, supple TPE skin. However you decide to customize Milla, treat her right and enjoy the reward of being with Miss April.

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Take our Miss April sex doll home today and experience a real expert in the bedroom. This competition winner will treat you to a memorable night.This sex doll’s passion matches her commitment to pleasing all of her suitors; she doesn’t need tutoring. Milla is ready to misbehave, are you?


What do you think of Milla? Who do you think should win Miss May?

Have you ever had a sex doll? Which one is your favorite? Do you have a sex doll story you want to share? 

Send it to us at: support@premiumdolls.com Get you story published and a discount code for your next doll.


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