Sex Dolls - The Future Of The Adult Entertainment Industry?

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Just over 2 years ago the first sex doll brothel opened in the UK, not shortly after a similar establishment opened in the US. Today, they stretch across almost every continent. As sex dolls become more and more realistic, their demand goes up. Long gone are the days of blow up dolls used as a quick relief at home. AI sex dolls, often not readily available, are being used for rental services.

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Do sex dolls pose a threat to the adult entertainment industry or, are they a much needed addition in a world of technological change? 

There has always been a high demand for paid sex but that doesn’t mean that the industry will always stay the same. Much like a ‘normal’ brothel, those who are now utilising sex dolls have an environment where appointments are still made, payment is still exchanged and sex still takes place; the only difference is the replacement of a human with a sex doll. 

While the process may still feel a little unfamiliar to us, experts predict that we are on a brink of a sexual revolution with these new practices in place. The freedom to explore sexual fantasies without judgement is much welcomed as long as everyone stays safe. 

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Cheaper than a real woman, the appeal of a sex doll comes both from customers and suppliers. Despite the reduction in emotional intimacy with someone who cannot feel, an AI sex doll can easily replicate the main aspects of sex. Check out a doll whose skeleton bends in the same way a human’s does, a doll whose voice moans in the same way and who feels just as soft and supple.

Not only can the dolls be set up for success in the way they interact with their potential sexual partners but their sexual partners can have a say in what they look like, what they wear and how they move. If a prostitute was a fantasy, a customisable sex doll directly crafted to your preferences is an even bigger one.

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Websites who employ these services tend to promote an experience with no limits. Often dressed in lingerie, customers can choose different outfits, different greeting positions and more. The turnover is quick and the threat of bad hygiene is quickly removed when you learn that the dolls undergo a deep clean in between sessions. Using sex dolls as part of the new adult entertainment industry means efficiency, less risk and the opportunity for personable experiences.

Unsurprisingly the demand for sex workers does not look like it’s going anywhere any time soon but the introduction of something that can replace the human response without any of the strings attached seems to be becoming more and more appealing. Enjoy kinky fun without feeling embarrassed. Indulge in a fantasy without being judged. And, most of all, discover real intimacy with no one watching...


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  • any in Alaska, never been but looks like a great buyiness. Wonder what the sex police will say?

    Don am
  • Hi Jim,

    There are new sex doll brothels appearing in every corner. However, we do not know of any in North Carolina yet. Maybe have a look on google or ask around the sex doll forum. You may find some answers there. Sex Dolls are becoming more and more normal. Specially now with Covid-19 where we don’t want to be in contact with any strangers.

    I hope this helps. Have a nice day!

    from Premium Dolls

    Jack from Premium Dolls am
  • Where are these brothels located, I’m located in North Carolina, are there any in my state

    Jim am

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