Sex Dolls In Unexpected Places

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The last year has been a year of firsts. It’s been a year of change both good and bad. The personal demand for sex dolls has gone up with some suppliers even reporting over a 200% increase in sales versus 2019. However, whilst the personal demand seems obvious, what might not be so obvious is the professional demand. Sex dolls are now being used in ways they were never used before. Think sporting grounds, film and fashion. Sex dolls are everywhere and they are the future.

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2020 saw the rise of sex dolls in all spheres. The average person was getting bored with traditional sex toys and we saw a demand for an enhanced sexual experience and that’s where sex dolls came into play. Long gone are the days of the blow up sex doll. Today’s world is filled with AI sex dolls, customizable sex dolls and all gender sex dolls. There really is something out there to suit everyone. 


However, it wasn’t just our private lives which were getting an upgrade. Businesses started to see the advantage of sex dolls. One story which made headlines last year was FC Seoul’s decision to put sex dolls in the stadium stands in an attempt to fill seats. Social distancing has hit many businesses hard including the professional sporting world. South Korea’s K League was one of the only soccer leagues to operate during the coronavirus pandemic. In an attempt to boost the atmosphere for the players who were playing in an empty stadium, they employed the help of sex dolls. Whilst the club received some backlash for using sex dolls it demonstrated that sex dolls could be found in unexpected places and used for unexpected things. What do you think of FC Seoul’s idea?

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We brought an article to you last year around sex dolls and the role they’ve been playing in Hollywood; this trend hasn’t seemed to slow down with directors using sex dolls as body doubles for kissing scenes and indeed, sex scenes. Hollywood is one of the most forward thinking industries with new solutions presenting themselves all the time. In this case, it just so happened to be sex dolls. 

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But, who is the latest industry to capitalise on employing sex dolls? Unsurprisingly, it’s the fashion industry. COVID-19 brought with it serious complications for the fashion industry. Photo shoots were suddenly cancelled and fashion brands had no way of promoting their clothes without models. Given that sex doll technology has advanced so much in the last 5 years, photographers started to realise the power of using a human-like doll for some of their work. 


As the pandemic goes on and sex dolls become a cheaper option than continuously looking for the next top model, there is no doubt we will start to see sex dolls being used in more campaigns, more promo event material and more creatives. Sex dolls are for more than just sex. Whether the reason is personal or professional, people are finding ways to break the traditional mould and presenting sex dolls as a force arguably stronger than sex - social presence. 


Do you think sex dolls being used for other than sex will become normal? What do you think of FC Seoul's decision to use sex dolls?

Have you ever had a sex doll? Which one is your favorite? Do you have a sex doll story you want to share? 

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