Sex Doll of the Month - Miss September!

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September has just finished and the summer heat gone, but our sex dolls are still steaming… who will be crowned winner of Miss September this month? She’s a blonde bombshell, she’s sexy and seductive, she’s innocent but kinky. So, who is it? Read on to find out…

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Say hello to our Sex Doll of the Month - Miss September… Quinn. One look into those eyes and Quinn will have you bending over backwards to enjoy a steamy night with her. Quinn is our naughty schoolgirl but don’t let us stop you there - we’ve got lots of role play ideas for you to try out with your new sex doll.

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Quinn has long, luscious locks with perky breasts and a lifted behind. This sex doll may look like she follows the rules but underneath she is ready to misbehave. She’s dressed in a short tartan skirt that just shows off her slinky underwear and round ass. Her schoolgirl skirt is paired with a loose tie that hands around her neck but wait… what Quinn wears is up to you. You decide how she dresses and how you want her to behave. You choose everything about our sex doll of the month, Quinn.

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Our sex doll, Quinn is smart, petite and fiesty but what you don’t know is that she can be built to serve your needs. What do we mean by that? Yes, Quinn is already a stunning sex doll but what if she could be even better? What if you could choose everything about her? If you prefer blue eyes to brown, we can change that for you. If you want her to heat up and moan, we can arrange that for you. Our sex dolls are fully customizable which means we’re here to create your dream woman.

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Your dream woman is just around the corner and it could be our sex doll of the month, Quinn. Take home a winner today as she shows you exactly why she won the title of Miss September! You don’t need to spend hours swiping or searching because we’ve got what you need. Quinn is ready for you but are you ready for her?

Order today and she could be the next woman you have in your bedroom...


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