Sex Doll of the Month - Miss August!

Competition was fierce this month for the crown of Miss August. We’re coming to the end of Summer and our hot babes are spicing things up by making it harder than ever to choose the right queen for the crown. Out of all the contenders, we had to make a decision and this August, our sex doll of the month is a sexy, toned bombshell who is ready to get hot and sweaty. Who do you think it is?

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Say hello to Casey; she’s a sexy brunette with an incredible body. Casey works out and has the figure to show for it. Catch her in the gym sweating away as she maintains her curvaceous and toned figure. Who knows, maybe you could be her next gym partner? Squats may not be the only type of exercise you get up to…

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Casey is the sex doll you didn’t know you needed until now. Her curly hair and seductive dark features are enough to make any man keep coming back for more. Grab her small waist and move her into different positions as you enjoy all she has to offer. What’s more is you can even customize Casey to your liking.

All of our sex dolls have great, soft and supple skin but we know that every man is different and you may crave something a little different. Add extras to Casey such as standing feet, a removable vagina and more. Are eyes a big draw for you? Choose the color you prefer. More of a boobs man? Choose jelly breasts for the ultimate jiggle effect to replicate the movement of a real woman.

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There is no doubt that this sex doll deserves the title of Miss August. Her beauty is obvious enough but don’t worry, Casey is more than just her beauty. She’s strong and sturdy but still soft to touch. Take Casey home today and your stamina will be challenged. This fitness fanatic will test you to your limits. Are you ready? 


Have you ever had a sex doll?  Which one is your favorite? Do you have a sex doll story you want to share? 

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