Say Hello To Miss February!

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Competition was fierce for the crown of Miss February but which sex doll won the title? The contenders all showed promise with luscious locks, dreamy figures and seductive personalities but there can be only one winner. Say hello to our gorgeous redhead, Tavira…

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Tavira is our hot and heavy sex doll ready to make some moves this year with the man of her dreams, could it be you? This sex doll wows on the runway and doesn’t shy away from attention. Tavira’s supermodel figure will have you in awe as you take in her long legs, enticing eyes and bubble behind. Keep Tavira for a night in and feel her soft and supple skin as you undress her and let her red locks loose.

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Tavira is the sex doll you didn’t know you needed until now. Her feisty nature is enough to make any man keep coming back for more. Grab her small waist and move her into different positions as you enjoy all she has to offer. What’s more is you can even customize Tavira to your liking. Do redheads make you feel some type of way but brown eyes are your weakness? Alter your sex doll to turn you on in the way you want. Tavira comes with a whole host of options including body heating and moaning function, breast type and shrugging shoulders. Tavira is waiting to get mischievous, take her home today and discover what our Miss February can do…

There is no doubt that this sex doll deserves the title of Miss February. Her beauty is unmatched by any other sex doll this month but Tavira is so much more than her looks; she is sturdy but soft, rigid but human-like to touch. Our Miss February is made of a steel frame with a soft TPE skin. We make all of our sex dolls from thermoplastic elastomer instead of silicone to replicate the real human touch. TPE allows Tavira to have the jiggling effect we know our customers love.

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Take our Miss February sex doll home today and experience a real queen in the bedroom. This competition winner will treat you to a memorable night. Say hello and never goodbye as Tavira becomes your companion for life. Tavira is ready to misbehave, are you?


Who will Miss March be? What do you think of our sex doll Tavira?

Have you ever had a sex doll? Which one is your favorite? Do you have a sex doll story you want to share? 

Send it to us at: Get you story published and a discount code for your next doll.

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  • things.

    It seams like arms and legs are too skinny. Those thighs just thin out way to soon. And what calfs ….. none..
    Is there a clittttttoris up there for some sucking?…..
    And a few pics of her standing straight ,from back.. to see that nice ass ,.
    I hate a GAP ass.. you know you can throw a ball between the thighs… and the ball would not touch any skin

    Duey wright am
  • Miss Tavia, Miss February definitely is a 10! Quite Stunning! Congrats!

    Surga' Brown am

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