Life Size Sex Doll Worth $4500 Stolen In Australian Raid

Some say it was a raunchy raid… two men in Australia have stolen a life size sex doll worth $4500 along with $10,000 worth of vibrators! The pair were caught on CCTV coming out with the merchandise in a sex shop in Melbourne but the suspects have not yet been found. So, how did they do it?


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What do we know? We know there were two accomplices from the CCTV and we know they most likely broke into the shop using a metal pole to smash the window and take the goods. We don’t know if they planned on which items to take beforehand but the thieves ended up taking almost $15000 worth of goods.


The life size doll they took was named Kitty. The brand of doll is 165cm high coming with a range of customizable options. As consumer habits start to change and adapt during lockdown, it is no surprise there is a heightened demand and market for sex dolls. The Australian authorities attributed the rise in thefts such as this one to the loneliness felt by many during Covid.

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The two men were able to get away so quickly with their white Ford Ranger. Whilst the police were able to identify the car model, they were not able to make any arrests due to stolen number plates. The two men were clearly in a rush as Kitty’s head was found in the parking lot after the raid.

Melbourne is no stranger to these raids. 4 years ago a different store of the same brand had a life size doll worth $4500 called Dorothy stolen. Again, CCTV was able to capture the moment Dorothy was ripped from her home. The culprit arrived in a white Ford transit van, clearly ready to take something of large size, in the early hours of the morning. It was assumed at the time that the man used bolt cutters to get through the fence and a fire hydrant to break into the shop.


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Sex dolls are valuable commodities both in a financial respect and sentimental way. Owners cherish their life size sex dolls and it is clear to see why they are targeted as part of raids. The demand for sex dolls has increased rapidly during the last year. Now, is the time. There is a sex doll out there for you. 

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Why do you think there is a rise in sex doll thefts? Do you think they planned it?

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