Influencers but they’re… sex dolls?!

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We all know the world of Instagram influencers and the boom we’ve seen in recent years but have you ever heard of sex doll influencers? We didn't think so...

The internet is a vast place but it’s different to how it was 10 years ago, it’s different to how it was even 1 year ago! Social media platforms like Instagram have adapted to people’s weird and wonderful interests and this includes sex dolls. Ask most people around you who they follow on Instagram and their answer is likely to include friends, family and the golden one of all, celebrities. So, where do sex dolls fit into this?

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The Rise of Sex Doll Influencers

Sex dolls are thriving. Whether it be creators using them for their social media content or companies using them to photograph during the pandemic when there was a shortage of models, sex dolls are on the up.

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There is no doubt that the pandemic has fuelled a rise in sex dolls but this started long before the pandemic hit almost 2 years ago. We’re taking you back to 2016 - a US sex toy reviewer decided to launch an experiment on Instagram. He had read about a woman going through cosmetic surgery to make herself look like a sex doll. So, he decided to rival her by posting a photo of his partner Celestina to see if she could get more followers… If you’re thinking Celestina is a sex doll, you’d be absolutely correct.

T, the sex toy reviewer, was labelled as a pioneer in the sex doll community by paving the way for sex doll Instagram accounts. It’s still early days for Celestina but with over 3,000 followers who knows where this could get to.

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Is Sex Doll Influencing Only For Fame?

It is clear many will think that sex doll influencers are a way to attract quick fame and money. However, there is a real want within the community to normalise the use of sex dolls. Those who are part of the community aim to make the dolls look more human-like to promote their realistic side. In order to do this, they first need to invest in a good quality sex doll. 

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Those who run these accounts also need to understand how to style the sex dolls well alongside photographing them. After all, it’s Instagram, a photo sharing platform that has higher standards between creators more than ever. 

Branded partnerships are a very real thing. Two sex doll photographers were contacted by Doll-Forever, a Chinese sex doll company; they wanted to use their work to promote their brand online. Just like a normal influencer, sex dolls can make money through clothing and wider branded partnerships.

Sex Doll Mina from Premium dolls 

How Are People Reacting To Sex Doll Influencers?

Is the sex doll social media community too closed off to those outside of it? Are people too judgemental from the outside? Whilst it is a niche market, there is no telling what could be next for the industry. A few years ago no one would have even suspected that sex dolls could have their own social media accounts, now they have loyal followers and can be brand ambassadors!


What do you think of sex doll influencers? Will sex doll influencers take off?

Have you ever had a sex doll? Which one is your favorite? Do you have a sex doll story you want to share? 

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