A Short Guide On How To Store Your Sex Doll Easily

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How to store sex doll easily

It is an excellent choice to get something extra to spice things up in the bedroom. But all this fun comes with responsibilities. Just like you want to have fun with your sex doll, you also need to take on the responsibility to clean it, and store your sex doll appropriately.

Storing is the most crucial part of keeping your sex doll safe and ready for action. You can't let it lie around in the house! You need to understand how to store it, so you’ll be able to use it whenever you want.

When storing your toys, consider these three factors: dust, temperature, and accessibility. An exemplary storage facility will keep them away from gathering dust, be cool and dry since most of them can be damaged from high temperatures, and be easily accessible when you want to use them.

How can you store a sex doll? In this guide, we will help you with a few tips on how to take up adult responsibilities and keep your sex doll safe.

Hanging Racks

hanging racks

A hanging rack is a box made specifically for storing sex dolls. Manufacturers include these racks so that you can store the dolls safely.

When they manufacture it, it is specific for the sex doll you’ve bought. It ensures that the doll is kept safe without causing any harm or defects. They made the rack suspend in an upright position.

If you want to hide your sex doll, you will require enough room because the rack can only be in an upright position.

Store In a Closet

Store In a Closet

The closet is among the safest and most accessible places you can store your sex doll. It doesn't require much except enough room. A closet comes in handy because you can close it with a lock with you being the only one who can access it.

You can store your sex doll either horizontally or vertically. In a closet, it is either way. The easier way to store a sex doll is vertical, and it’s also safer because its own weight won’t create indentations on certain points.

Just like you hang your clothes, you can hang a sex doll the same way. It is the cheapest way to store a sex doll. Even in factories, they hang all their sex dolls since it is simpler and the safest option.

Hanging a doll in the closet keeps it safe from any pressure caused by an enclosed box. If the doll does not have any pressure, it avoids damaging crucial parts such as the joints and back.

There are some precautions you need to take when storing a sex doll in a closet. They include;

  • When you hang the doll using the closet hook, ensure that it doesn't hang freely. If its feet do not touch the ground, you can place a soft cushion between the floor and its feet to cover the gap. Hanging can strain its neck.
  • Handle it gently when moving it to the closet.
  • When hanging, ensure that you do not add extra weight, such as hanging clothes on it.
  • Ensure you lock the door so that no one can access the closet. You can cover it with a lightweight cloth in case someone else has access.

Built-in Storage

Built-in Storage

When we say built-in storage, we mean king-sized beds with enough storage under the mattress.. You can have one custom-made for you to store your sex dolls. It is an effective method if you want to make sure no one will see your sex doll.

You can make box-like storage fitted under your bed. These storages keep the doll in a horizontal position and they have a soft cushion for the sex doll to lay on. The cushion prevents the doll from getting damaged due to weight. The closed box-like design prevents dust buildup, making it easier to get your sex doll ready for use.

With furniture, you can make it yourself. All you need are a few tutorials of DIY building and then build a structure similar to the one you need with your own choice of materials.

Store Under The Bed

Store Under The Bed

It is common for people to store their unused stuff under the bed. What most people do not know is that this is a good hiding place. No one ever bothers to check for their missing things under the bed.

This will save you time and money because you will not be moving around boxes when using your sex doll. Also, you will not be carrying it far to take it to bed.

To effectively store it under the bed, it will require you to make a DIY storage system that will help you store it safely and securely. When storing the sex doll, ensure that you place it on a cushion or foam padding. Also, make sure to cover your sex doll with a type of material that will keep it safe from dust.

If you place a doll on a hard surface, its back and other parts begin to distort, and it gets damaged over time.

It is appropriate if the doll is stored where there is enough space not to lose its form. You cannot store it while it is twisted or folded. That will cause damage.

Keep It On Your Bed

Keep It On Your Bed

Keeping the doll on your bed is effective if you stay alone and no one enters your room. It is cheap and convenient for those who can't carry it to and from bed. It is recommended that when you store this doll on your bed, ensure that you have enough bed space to accommodate you comfortably.

A lot of single people leave their sex dolls on the bed, due to the fact that they can cuddle with them when they feel lonely. Even though it sounds impossible, these artificial companions are a great way to stop feeling lonely when you’re alone in bed.

If you decide to keep the sex doll on your bed, make sure that you clean your bed to remove dirt and dust. The dirt can contain germs that will affect the doll, and when you use it, it infects you and your health.

These are a few tips to help you store your sex doll with ease and effectively. What are you comfortable with? Whether it's secrecy or open with your partner, you can find an easy method to store them. Consider informing those around you so that they do not freak out when they see a life-sized sex doll lying around.

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