How Hollywood Uses Sex Dolls

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Nationwide lockdowns, the impact of social distancing and public fear has hit every industry hard during the last six months. Those working in industries which rely on close contact have had to start getting creative, working around problems and creating innovative solutions; the film sector being one of them.

Hollywood is no stranger to using ad hoc and unique methods whilst filming and it turns out some directors have been turning to sex dolls in 2020 but why and how?

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Of course, we all know that in order to prevent the spread of the virus, we must socially distance from one another. Film and TV sets have been limited in what they can film due to the limitations on close contact. So, how are directors supposed to film sex scenes now?

 A few options have floated around the industry including limiting the number of people on set in order to reduce the risk of contamination, using plastic sheets in between people which can be edited out at a later date. Constant testing on set has also been pushed amongst many as well as using real life partners for kissing scenes and anything that requires close proximity.

Instead of using official doubles that would normally exist in films, producers and directors are opting to use actors’ real life partners as they already live with each other in the same household. With savvy editing skills, the team can make the scene look as if it were real. The watcher would never know the difference. 

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However, it is not the use of husbands and wives that has piqued the interest of many in Hollywood, but the use of sex dolls.

Earlier this year in a June interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Bradley Bell, the producer of popular soap drama, “The Bold and the Beautiful”, told them that using sex dolls had come to fruition during an experimental take. 

The crew had been preparing for months since Covid-19 first hit the headlines and had planned alternative methods to filming intimate scenes but this one stuck. Initially, they tried taking out all romantic scenes but filming felt jarred and the scripts fell flat.

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They found a doll amongst their props from when they had used it as a body years ago, added make-up and hair and they soon had their substitute. Bell said moving forward, they would be using one doll with interchangeable looks as “stand-in to match some of our leading ladies”. 

We are living in testing times and it makes sense that forward thinking industries are adapting to the circumstances we find ourselves in. And, you too, can have a piece of the pie with your very own slice of Hollywood at home. 

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