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It’s a new year and we’ve got fresh sex dolls lined up to take the crown of Miss January but who will it be? This girl is a Latina spice who is no stranger to the spotlight. Her curly, brown locks stretch the length of her back and her skin glistens in the sun.

It’s 2021 and our Miss January is… Gloria!

Gloria is the fiery, brunette you didn’t know you needed until now. Her passion matches her commitment to pleasing all of her suitors; this sex doll doesn’t need tutoring. Her experience makes her the perfect match for any night in. Indulge in an evening of pleasure and playtime with our queen this January.

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Gloria’s beauty is unmatched. She has sultry eyes which complement her tanned skin. Her luscious lips invite you to spend more than just one evening alone with her but be careful, this curvy girl will have you begging for more every time. Explore her body and mind in any way you want. Experiment with different moves, looks and more. Choose her body type, the way she moves and even the way she dresses. Nothing is off limits.

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Gloria is a sex doll whose beginnings are from the exciting land of South America. Feel the rhythm in her hips as you bounce her up and down and move her into positions to suit your liking. You can customize Gloria with a range of optional features including, eye color, normal or shrugging shoulders, removable vagina and smart doll options. Have Gloria moaning all night long as she warms you up with her heating function. 

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Aside from Gloria’s obvious good looks, she is also a sex doll who is sturdy, practical and realistic. Her insides are made from a steel frame with a soft covering of TPE on the outside. Gloria is soft to touch and offers you the jiggle a real woman would whilst also being strong and rigorous. Now, you can feel the weight of a real woman on top of you. We know our customers crave the realistic with a touch of fantasy. Let us help you live your dream by sharing Gloria with you.

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The year has just begun, so why not start off right by taking Gloria home with you today. Our Miss January could be waking up next to you very soon. New year, new you - treat yourself with a goddess. 


What do you think of Gloria? Who deserves to be our doll of the month in Febraruy?

Have you ever had a sex doll? Which one is your favorite? Do you have a sex doll story you want to share? 

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