Bodybuilder Cheats On Sex Doll Wife

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Love comes in all shapes and sizes and sometimes, when we least expect it. For bodybuilder, Yuri Tolochko love came in the size of a perfectly constructed sex doll. You may have read our previous story on their marriage but it looks like there could be trouble in paradise for this modern couple…

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Yuri Tolochko married Margo, his sex doll, last November. After an influx of critique and judgement, Tolochko stood up publicly for his wife. However, just before Christmas it was reported that Margo was in fact broken and had to be sent away for repair. In the meantime, Tolochko took to social media to show off a new found love in his life, a strange silver object. After uploading a video of himself touching and licking a new silver, ridged object in nothing but his underwear followers took to Instagram shocked - one follower asked, ‘Hey… Are you cheating on your wife?!’ Yuri replied, ‘Maybe’ before following on with ‘I can’t stand while she’s in the hospital’.

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Yuri first met his wife at a nightclub and quickly proposed to her later that year. With a wedding originally planned for March, coronavirus threw those plans up in the air. After rearranging the wedding, once again Yuri’s plans were dashed. In October, Yuri was attacked at a transgender rally leaving him beaten and bruised in the face. A wedding would not be able to go ahead. However, all this adversity made the couple stronger and they tied the knot in November 2020. 

Since settling into married life, Yuri has admitted to being jealous of Margo. He shows off his sex doll wife less to new people, hides her away from the public spotlight and admittedly feels envious of the attention she receives.

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With the accusations of cheating on his sex doll wife, this bodybuilder hasn’t done much to quash the claims. With the infamous Instagram post, came a less than subtle caption - “Looks like I’ve got a new passion”. Whilst Margo is a fully functioning high quality sex doll, do Yuri’s actions constitute as cheating? He has mentioned a deeply emotional relationship with Margo in previous interviews and hinting at it through his social media but what does this really mean? 

After the wedding, Yuri forbade Margo from Instagram, admitting it might be selfish on his part after saying ‘Many men might feel the same’, presumably as he himself does towards Margo. Meanwhile, all he can do is wait for her to return as she is being repaired in a different city. Yuri will find out what his wife thinks of his antics when they’re together again. Until then, we will wait and see how Yuri copes with the time apart.

What do you think? Has Yuri cheated on Margo?

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