Are You A Virgin? Here's 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Sex Doll

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Here at Premium Dolls, we often have customers ask us for a range of advice. One question we often get is around purchasing a sex doll if you’re a virgin. We aim to give the best advice we can but check out our thoughts below. Here are 5 reasons why you should buy a sex doll if you’re a virgin.

1. Practice before the real thing

The first time you have sex can be a nerve wracking experience so why not practice before you go in for the real thing. We have a range of sex dolls to choose from, from those suited to beginners all the way to expert level. We don’t want you to rely on your sex doll for fulfilling your sexual needs forever but it’s a great way to get you started. Increase your confidence by trying new things with your very own sex doll so that when you’re ready to have sex with a real woman, you’ll be the expert in the room.

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2. Avoid premature ejaculation

There can be a big build up to losing your virginity. The build up may be so big that an embarrassing situation can occur where you ‘finish’ too early or rather, for a more professional term, ejaculate too quickly; this can happen at any point in your sexual career but is more likely to happen near the beginning as you get used to the new sensation. Avoid doing this on your first time with someone by using a sex doll to help you build up your stamina.

3. Removes the pressure

If everyone in your circle or around you has lost their virginity it can create an atmosphere of unnecessary pressure; this pressure can lead to irrational decisions such as losing your virginity to the wrong person or even worse, a prostitute if led into this.

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You may think you want to ‘just get it out of the way’ but you’ll thank us later when you choose to have sex with someone you want to rather than because you feel you have to. Use your sex doll to build your skills and remove the pressure of having to have a particular experience like everyone else.

4. Become more sexually open minded

A sex doll allows you to experiment in ways you didn’t even realize you could until now… Play with your sex doll and fulfil your deepest fantasies as a virgin. You’ll be able to move your sex doll in any way you want, have sex wherever you want and try out new things in whatever way you want. Don’t let virginity become a blocker for exploring your sexual nature.

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5. Work out what you like

Sex is different for everyone. What we mean by that is that the same way people have different taste buds, people have different sexual turn ons. Work out what you like with a sex doll who holds no judgement before you take that into the real world. You might just discover something about yourself you never knew until you start enjoying your sex doll experience.

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Losing your virginity is a personal choice but at Premium Dolls we’re here to guide and advise on the best path for you. Chat with a real human using our chat function on our website and you’ll see why a sex doll could be for you.


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