5 Role Play Ideas For Your Sex Doll

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We all need some fantasy in our life from time to time so why not explore hidden desires with a sex doll? A sex doll is someone who you can play, experiment and enjoy sexual fulfilment with. So, think new experiences, think newfound intimacy and think role play. 

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When you first buy a sex doll she may arrive without clothes, in lingerie or even in a full outfit. What you do with her once she gets to your door is up to you. Dress her up each day of the week or treat yourself on the weekends with something a little different. Here are our top 5 role play ideas for your sex doll.

1. Nurse

Does someone need attending to? Set some hearts racing and some pulses rising by choosing your sex doll, a sexy nurse outfit. You’ll be the patient who keeps on coming back for more. Let her nurse you back to health by giving you a happy ending. 

Simply dress her up and let your imagination run wild or better yet indulge in a little role play. Have her at your beck and call as the patient or, take on the doctor role who just can’t shake off his hard day at work without some help. 

Having difficulty finding a costume? We recommend opting for a white dress with white or red stockings. Forget the fancy outfits, it doesn’t have to be perfect, let your mind take you where you want to be.

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2. Cowgirl

Get down and dirty with a little bit of the wild west. Let your sex doll be the heroine of the town as you, the sheriff drop by to save the day. Rescue your damsel in distress as she thanks you in the most unforgettable ways. 

Set yourself up for an evening of excitement and adventure after a long day in the saloon. Choose short denim cut-offs and a checked shirt for an authentic look. You’re only limited by you, so let loose and think how wild this could really get.

3. Schoolgirl

This one is all about power. Explore the dynamic between teacher and student in a safe and playful way. Find a tartan skirt and tie and fulfil the fantasy all night long. 

You could even dress up too, find your best tie and best shirt and join in on the fun.

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4. Playboy Bunny

There will be few people on Earth who haven’t fantasised about the playboy bunny. Dress your sex doll in bunny ears and tight bodysuit as you tear off each piece slowly and carefully. 

Be the Hugh Hefner to your bunny and engage in some role play in your very own version of the playboy mansion.

5. Maid

Does your place need sprucing up? Make housework more exciting by dressing your sex doll in the full maid’s outfit or perhaps a touch of sexy lingerie with some lace. 

Act as her customer, the great thing about this one is that you’ll always want her back for more. Re-use the outfit again and again and feel sexual satisfaction anytime you want. 

Whatever your fantasy, we’ve got the sex doll for it. Look through our selection and choose the right doll for you. Want even more role play ideas? Scroll through and you might even find some more inspiration.

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Have you tried role play before with your sex doll? Let us know.

Have you ever had a sex doll? Which one is your favorite? Do you have a sex doll story you want to share? 

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