Sex Toys vs Sex Dolls

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Lounging on the bed, sprawled across the couch, relaxing in the bath, Lara is just waiting for you to take her home.



Her amongst many others are all ready for you to show them a good time. What a sex doll can do that a sex toy can’t is give you an intimate, personal pleasure.

There has long existed the argument over whether sex toys or sex dolls are better and the truth is both have their pros and cons. Both aid sexual pleasure but only one presents the realism associated with actual sex – the sex doll.

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Sex dolls provide comfort and pleasure when there is a lack of these in real life. Sex toys only focus on the pleasure side of things; they work effectively when you need a quick fix but they won’t be there to give you the emotional satisfaction you need.



There are hundreds of sex toys out there, including dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and more. Often, toys are used to help ‘spice up’ an existing relationship. Even with a partner, people still engage in sexual fantasy which is why technology has been there over the years to help us with these exact toys. 

However, if you really want to master your skills in the bedroom, it is far better to invest in a sex doll. It can be easy to give up in a relationship due to the frustrations and limitations of your own confidence and self esteem but one of our girls could either help satisfy the missing part or give you the courage to try what you think could be the solution to your problem in the bedroom.

If you’re looking to boost confidence, tackle loneliness and fulfil the longing for sexual release then it is true that a sex toy can help. There is one for every budget, they are easy to use and what’s more is that they are discreet.

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Although, if you’re after all these advantages and more then a sex doll could be what’s missing in your life. Sex toys don’t provide intimacy or realism; they end up in a bin when the latest trend goes out of fashion whereas a sex doll is for life.


A sex doll represents the very fundamentals of sex. Treat your girl to a whole range of positions, repair her when you get a little too frisky and watch as she never goes out of style. Some of our customers even find that companionship is possible.

Whether your life has someone special in it already or you’re actively looking for that someone special, a sex doll could seriously help. Don’t want your emotions to get in the way? Spark that primal relationship with a sex doll. Your emotions getting in the way too much in your current relationship? Use your sex doll as an avenue to let out your frustration.

Whether you decide to invest in a toy or a doll, both give you the added benefits of enjoyment and sexual fulfilment but if you want something a little more stimulating and daring, choose one of our girls to take home with you today.


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