What's the best breast for your sex doll?

Finding the perfect sex doll can be hard, especially when there are so many options out there. At Premium Dolls, whilst we have a specialized sex doll finder, we also have multiple customizable options on each sex doll. One of these options happens to be your preferred type of breast. We have three types: Normal, Hollow and Jelly. So, what’s the difference between our three types? Read on to find out…

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Whether it’s advising our customers on ways of storage or sex doll cleaning or even role play ideas, we want to help our customers with it all. When it comes to breast type our level of support is no different, we want to help you choose the perfect breast. We’ll take you through a description of all three types as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the breasts.

Solid (Normal) Breasts 

Let’s start with Normal breasts. Normal breasts are the standardized breasts that come with every sex doll; they serve the purpose of being the average option. If you’re looking at one of our TPE sex dolls, then the breasts will be made from TPE. If you’re after one of our silicone sex dolls, then similar, the breasts will be made from silicone. The solid breasts on your sex doll will be made from the same material as the rest of the body. They will be solid, which means yes, they are firm and perky but they usually have quite limited bounce motion. The great thing about the Normal breasts are that they won’t cost any extra and they do look perky but the disadvantage is that the other two options we have are much softer and give the jiggling effect we know a lot of our customers crave.

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Hollow Breasts 

If you like a slightly softer touch then Hollow breasts could be for you. These types of breasts are just as the label says, hollow; this means they are filled with air making them very light and bouncy. They’re soft to touch but also soft to move. You could look at them move around relentlessly given how mobile they are. Whilst they are super soft and bouncy they might not be as perky as the Standard solid breast. Depending on what you like in the bedroom, it may be worth considering investing in Hollow breasts if movement in a sex doll’s body parts is important to your sex life.

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Jelly Breasts

Jelly breasts offer the best of both worlds. These are the most premium set of breasts you can add on to your sex doll and are the best quality if you’re looking for a pair of breasts that most replicate a pair of real ones. Jelly breasts on a sex doll are softer than Solid and are perkier than Hollow; this is how they mimic real breasts. Whilst the jelly breasts do come with an added cost, they are the most realistic and the best choice if you like elements of both the Standard and Hollow but can’t choose. You can see the diagram explaining below:

So, what are you waiting for? Find your dream woman today and feel comfortable knowing she’ll have the right breasts for you.




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