Sex Dolls: How to Combat Loneliness & Anxiety

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In a world of innovation, feeling disconnected from each other is more common than ever. Society has become saturated with new technologies that only lend themselves to making us feel isolated. 

The above combined with the rise of social media has created an atmosphere where loneliness and anxiety flourish. It is estimated that 40 million people across the globe suffer from anxiety yet 50% of those people aren’t getting the help they need because of the stigma attached to it.

Anxiety drives loneliness and vice versa. The fear of being alone fuels the feeling of nervousness inside, which can lead to multiple physical as well as mental problems. Effects of loneliness and anxiety can include: insomnia, unsettling thoughts and weight fluctuation.  

Sad man in dark room looking at curtains alone.

There are many causes of these effects which may be related to your social life, childhood or even society’s very nature itself.

You may consider yourself to be sociable amongst your friends and family but it is still possible to feel alone. Stretching your schedule in order to fit in time with everyone in your life can be a good thing but it may be important to ask yourself why are you doing that? Are your relationships all deep meaning or are some of them surface level simply filling the void that would otherwise be you, by yourself. 

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You need to be comfortable spending time with yourself. For some people being comfortable alone has been natural since their childhood but for others it is exactly their childhood why they may not feel as comfortable being by themselves.

Rejection during a young age can be a reason for the feeling of loneliness and anxiety experienced by so many in today’s society. When we take this together with the very nature of society, we can understand why these feelings are so common. 

Modern day society has created a false sense of what being alone means. The fear of missing out can hit us at anytime as we see our friends day to day on social media doing something without us or the fact we need to be constantly switched on with technology but not with those that actually matter in our lives.


How can we escape loneliness and anxiety?

Sex Doll Delilah laying naked on a bed with white covers on her side

Given that the feelings of loneliness and anxiety result from the environments we find ourselves in, it is necessary to make a few lifestyle changes in order to change the way our minds work.

Professional help may be necessary but there are a selection of small things that you can do in order to escape these feelings.

Evaluating your habits is one of the first things you can do to eliminate anxious thoughts. Are you spending too much time with screens, phones, TVs etc.? Don’t let yourself get into a position where you are spending all your time being alone without any real stimulation.

Spending time in your own company does not always equal the feeling of ‘loneliness’. Being happy in your own company is what really matters. Think of some things you can do alone but still feel content. It could be reading a book, going to the cinema or exercising. It could even be the act of sexual pleasure…


Using sex dolls as remedy for loneliness and anxiety


Many professionals link loneliness to genetics but there are also other factors that may be involved like moving house, divorce or grief.

Going through a traumatic or stressful experience can trigger a multitude of things: alcoholism, drug addiction, depression, suicide, poor memory and poor decision making.


The Loss of a Loved One 

The loss of a loved one can come unexpectedly. The grief that goes with that can leave a void difficult to overcome, especially when the time comes to move onto a new relationship.

Having a sex doll means you can feel comfortable being intimate before moving onto someone else. Build your confidence and escape that void so many others find themselves stuck in.


Low Self Esteem

At any point in our lives we have all felt self conscious about something whether that be a physical attribute or personality trait but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you suffer from a disability or deformity enjoying the company of a sex doll can give you the exact confidence you need in order to master the sexual prowess you’ve always wanted to.


A Break-Up 

The breakdown of a relationship is something you can never be prepared for and it is usually the aftermath that is never spoken about but holds the most impact on our lives.

Depending on how the break-up occurred it is common to compare ourselves or think why were we not good enough for our partner; isolation becomes unavoidable.

Get back to your real self by indulging in a sexual partner in the form of a sex doll. Take the plunge and treat yourself.


Performance Anxiety

There are many different forms of anxiety but one that we have all experienced at one point or another in our lives is stage performance.

Stage performance usually refers to performing in front of a crowd but it can also refer to sexual performance in the bedroom.

Sexual performance anxiety affects more men than women as this form of anxiety is usually linked to physical limitations such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. If you have suffered from either of these in the past you know how much it can affect your masculinity.

Regain and take back control of your masculine status by preparing for sexual performance with your sex doll. Live up to the expectations of your partner by practising beforehand. Try out sexual positions and frequencies so that when you see your new partner you can give them an experience they’ll never forget.


A simple solution to a complex problem

It is easy to feel alone. It is easy to feel anxious but it doesn’t have to be. Temporary solutions will only give you temporary results. Avoid forming shallow relationships in order disguise your loneliness. Invest in a sex doll for maximum pleasure and maximum results. 

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Have you ever had a sex doll? Which one is your favorite? Do you have a sex doll story you want to share? 

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  • I have been on so many dating sites with little or no success and it has become demoralizing. Seems that the dating scene is just not the same anymore. I run into gold diggers, women who pick apart and judge my personality Negatively on the first date.
    A sex doll on the other hand is not going for my bank account or judging everything I say and do as a put down. I think I’m going with the sex doll for now. You ladies have your toys we boys have ours!!!

    Joe on
  • I’m just hoping that i can get my doll paid off sooner then expected so I can have the company I seek. It’s really strange how you can be in a room full of people but still feel all alone I hope a doll can help me with that.

    brian on

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