Sex Dolls: Best Way To Remove Your V-Tag

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Everyone has a notion of how they want to lose their V-tag or how they should have lost it. Some are skeptical about the idea, saving themselves for marriage, and some haven't found the right partner to be intimate with.

Being a virgin means you have not had sex yet. Unfortunately, in today’s world, losing virginity at a young age is common, especially in more developed countries where everyone uses social media. Peer pressure is one of the things that has the biggest influence on making the decision to lose virginity.

When it comes to losing virginity, it can be with your partner through penile-vaginal intercourse, or you can do it with sex dolls with your partner or not. Most of the time, people fear the pain of having sex for the first time,thus they prefer doing it themselves to control how the whole experience turns out.

So, which is the best way to remove your V-tag? That's what we’ll be telling you today. To help you have an excellent first-time experience. It's never easy, neither is it hard. You have to do it the right way.

Here are some of the best ways to remove your V-tag with sex dolls.

Understand your body

Understand your body

Often people underestimate their bodies. If you have never tried something, you don’t know how it will work out. The same applies to your body and what you’ll like or dislike.

Your body is sacred, and it's different from all others. In this era, you can find anything on the internet. That includes erotic content in a variety of niches. From vanilla sex to the most hardcore BDSM using all types of bondage or sadism equipment.You’ll also find a lot of content covering the use of full-sized sex dolls by both males and females.

Whatever you might have seen from the adult content might not work for your body. Everyone is different. It implies that from the touch of the skin, the way you kiss, clitoris stimulations to penetration. It's all different for each individual.

When you want to use sex dolls to remove your V-tag, you cannot buy just any doll. You also need to experience an orgasm, right?

A sex doll shouldn't be uncomfortable. If it is, then you either have the wrong one, or you are using it incorrectly. You need to have the best first time. Self-exploration and understanding what you like is the most important thing.

Find The Best Stimulator

Find The Best Stimulator

Why stimulate the clitoris when all you want is to remove your V-tag? Having sex for the first time can be challenging and painful. Also, your body is sensitive, and your vagina is still "tight." Anything bigger than your finger will be painful when you try to penetrate.

The idea is to ensure that you are wet and ready for penetration. Going slow is key to having a good time. That means more foreplay.

A good clitoral simulator will help you create a pleasant sensation. It will lead to your body producing a liquid that will lubricate the vagina. When your vagina is lubricated enough, it becomes easy for a sex doll to penetrate without causing much pain.

A lubricated vagina becomes soft and flexible when it has become lubricated, allowing for penetration of different sizes. From there, it will be easy to use sex dolls that have a larger package, if you know what we mean.

Tease Your Body

tease your body

You understand your body, right? You know the pressure points and what kind of touch feels good! These points vary from person to person. For some, they are lips, ear tips, neck, navel, nipples,or the clitoris.

One can get aroused from the touch of their ear tips or nipples. In most cases, it is the nipples that do the trick. You can suck on it or play around with it. It all depends on your body. That’s why we mentioned the importance of self-exploration.

With the right pressure point in your body, sex dolls can help you achieve maximum stimulation and enjoyment. With your body stimulated enough, you are ready for penetration to remove your V-tag.

It is essential that before you penetrate, ensure that your body is up to the task and you are ready to feel the sensation inside your vagina. 

Sex Position

sex position

The sex position that you will use to remove your V-tag can be crucial.Different sex positions can help ease down on the process. These positions include:

While all these are intimate ways to have sex, for first-timers, it is better to understand that you should be in control in whichever position you decide. Spooning with a sex doll or doing it doggy style might require some creativity on your end because the sex doll can’t take control. You’ll need to fixate the doll and do all the work in order for these positions to work.

The girl in the top position works well when you have a sex doll and want to penetrate. Allowing you to slide in the shaft, slowly controlling yourself to ensure you are comfortable. 

Apply Lube

apply lube

A vagina has its lubrication, but it’s sometimes not enough, and you need to seek alternative means such as lube.

The same applies to having anal sex; you will require a lot of lube to help the process become easy and pleasurable.

When you want to penetrate either anally or vaginally, ensure that your intimate parts are well lubricated. Without proper lubrication, you might hurt yourself through friction from the surfaces being dry.

Lube will help the sex doll slide well on your skin and provide you with a sensational feel. It gives your smoother insertion. However, ensure you get the correct lube since different sex doll materials require specific types of lube.

Removing your V-tag should not be a challenging experience. It should be something pleasurable and memorable. You might not know how you will feel, but you need to expect and prepare yourself for everything.

Find what works for you, and that will be the best way to lose your V-tag with a sex doll. In the beginning, nothing is ever easy, but the end is fruitful.

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