Sex Dolls Changed My Life

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I am not a shy guy. I've been with some women before. I  I must let you know that I work extra hard and earn a good income. I am what some people call a rich young man (so to speak). I am free, not bad looking. I do my things my way and I am almost always happy. But I did have one big fault. 

All the ladies I was ever with, liked me lots at first. They liked the nice retaurants I took them to, and the gifts I got them. But they all ended up leaving me. Ann is the fifth girlfriend that has come into my life and left. You must be confused by the fact that a guy like me cannot seem to keep ladies, right? 

Well, everyone in life has a problem or another. Mine is sexual. Plain and simple, I cum too quickly. I get overexcited when I am with a girl. I have tried several treatments, pills, medications prescribed by doctors and even psychologists. None seem to work to my liking without taking a toll on my health. See, I don't get the chance so often to be with a woman. So when I do, I get aroused too quickly which ultimately ends with an early release. Sometimes even immediately as I enter her. Other I can last a good 15 seconds. Yes, 15 seconds is good for me. The ladies do not like this.

Ann was of the opinion that she can be with me even if I lasted 1 minute. Angela, my 4th cannot live with a guy that cannot last. After 4 months she left me as I was wonderful in every sense, but the bedroom. Angela’s sexual demands were like climbing the everest. Impossible for me. So I was with a co-worker one day, discussing past relationships and having chats about sex. He was a bit of a weird fellow, but I decided to confine in him my little problem. He was quick to admit that he once had the same issue. I felt I had heard it all. That he will soon prescribe a drug he’s tried, bla bla and that he then overcame with regular practice.

However, that's not what he said at all. He got closer to me. Put his hand over my shoulder and got close to my ear as if telling gossip or sharing a secret.

"SEX DOLLS" he whispers softly but confidently. Then winks, smiles and leaves. 

I picked up my phone after our discussion and Google “sex practice to last in bed”. I read from to but I couldn’t find the right answer. I felt practicing meant masturbating so I pointed to pornographic sites, and several others looking for info. 

Then I came across the premium dolls website,, and since then it dawned on me. I was a little skeptical at first. The dolls were so real and extremely sexy. But I can't. Can I? Im a rich handsome guy. Sex dolls aren't from me. I bookmarked the webpage and kept coming back to browse these super realistic sex dolls. They were truly incredible, but I could not set myself to buy one. I then received a final message from Ann. She has officially left me. Because I don't last in bed. WTF. 

So I went online and ordered Emma (click to see), an ultra-real sex doll from the premium dolls. 

Delivery came in pretty quickly, faster than I expected, and in an unrecognizable plain box. I uncovered my doll. It was Emma, and I got her for $799. She’s Japanese, and that’s why I went for her. Long story short, I let my cock out of my trousers into her vagina and I fucked her. I was so horny like I am with real women and so, it was a rush. I released inside her in less than 10 seconds.

The good thing was that I wasn’t ashamed like I would with a real woman, so I tried again after washing my doll and myself. I kept trying and retrying, using different sex positions, styles, holding my breath, eating food that makes me last long and fucking my doll as much as 8 times daily.  

Two months had gone by and I caught a new fish. Jane is so beautiful and likes me. I took her home on our second date together and I undressed her (just like I practiced many times with my sex doll). It was going to be the first time I sleep with a real woman in a while. So I warned her with the talk. "I think you are super beautiful, andddd I struggle to last over 30 seconds. As usual, she agreed to try me out first. After several kisses and licks on her boobs and hips, I wasn’t hard enough like I used to. There was no rush in me to enter her quickly. I took my time, making her overly wet. She started begging me to enter her (I couldn't believe it).  By the time I did her, she was moaning, and she kept shouting “don’t stop”. I kept the thrust going, banging her like I have had been practicing and she was loving it.. I went rough and hard as I did with the my precious Ultra-real sex doll I got from Premium dolls. Jane was more than enjoying my cruise. After some time, I came and we both fell on the mattress. She looked at me and said “but you said you are just a 30 seconds guy”, I answered her, “I am. But i've been practicing”. 

When she left, that night, I fucked my sex doll again. Sleeping with my sex doll is incredible. I enjoy it as much as with real women. I don't have a problem lasting anymore, but I still enjoy my sex doll every day. 

Now, I am still with Jane and have a good relationship. After some time, I revealed my secret to her. I showed her Emma (my super real Sex doll). The first few seconds, she was jealous, but after some quick consideration, Jane smiled, grabs Emma, touches her breasts and says "common honey, let's all get to bed together". 


Look at this hot stuff.

Sex dolls changed my life. 


(P.S you can get your own Emma clicking here, or many other beautiful Sex Dolls at an affordable price clicking here.) 

(P.P.S I am thinking of buying my second doll soon. So many I want to take home)


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