Self Lubricating Dolls Now Available!

At Premium Dolls, we pride ourselves in offering the latest in sex doll technology, which is why we’ve got an exciting new feature to share with our customers. Maybe you’re already a sex doll owner or you’re in the market for one but aren’t sure about the realism of a sex doll. Well, look no further because it’s our aim to make our sex dolls as realistic as possible; that’s why after listening to our customers. We’re introducing self lubricating H2o cyberskin vagina for our sex dolls!

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Available on our WM or JS dolls, you’ll now be able to add a feature of self lubrication during the build of your dream woman. We know you crave the realistic touch of a woman so we ensure all of our dolls have the softest skin made from either silicone or TPE but we don’t stop there. Touch is an important part of having a sex doll but so is their functionality. We want to make sure that having sex with a sex doll is as realistic as it can be. By adding the self lubricating function to your WM or JS sex doll, you’ll be able to have your sex doll self lubricate 40-70 times. So, how does it work exactly?

All you need is a little water to get your sex doll going. Put some water into her vagina and she’ll self lubricate up to 70 times. Use this with the H2o cyber-skin vagina option. All of our sex dolls are made with care and attention so even after she runs out, you’ll still have the feeling of a very realistic vagina. The self lubrication tool will just make it easier for you to have a smooth and pleasurable experience. Watch your sex doll glide up and down whilst on top of you with this new, amazing feature. You can have this ultra-realistic experience and all, only for $85.

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The best thing about our new feature is that it is flexible according to your needs. If you’re someone who likes variety, we recommend opting for a removable vagina for your sex doll; this then means you can choose between a self lubricating woman and using traditional lube to wet your sex doll’s vagina. Both with different feelings but both incredibly satisfying. Either way, you have the flexibility to meet your needs.

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Our new self-lubricating H2o cyberskin vagina feature speaks for itself but if you do need any help, please do use our chat function and one of our agents will be happy to help. We listen to our customers and we make sex dolls as realistic as we can to suit all of your needs and desires.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore our range of WM and JS sex dolls now and add our self lubrication feature today!


What do you think of our new feature? Let us know what you want to see next!

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