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New Sex Doll Arrivals!

Posted by Jack Sable on

Summer comes in with NEW SEX DOLLS! Check out our new arrivals:

Premium Dolls: High Quality TPE Love Dolls. Offering the Lowest prices in the industry, Safe delivery with maximum discretion. And. Of course. Lots of Fun. 

Enjoy ;) 

1) Sally

TPE Sex Doll Sally from Premiumdolls

 Sex Doll Sally is a stunning blond with the desire to take your sexual fantasies to the extreme and beyond. She will have you try things you have never done. You can have her every night and in any position you can imagine (thanks to her human like skeleton).

She is one of our new arrivals and selling out fast! Get yours now!

Or also View Sex Doll Sally by clicking here...

2) Jade

Blond Sex Doll Jade from Premiumdolls

If you liked Sally and blonds give you heat, then be sure to check out Sex Doll Jade. Her slim figure and curvy body will cast a sex spell on you. Her TPE skin makes her touch feel ultra realistic.  Each time you play around with her, you will desire her more. She's just come out of sex school and looking to teach you a few things. She will give you much more than her pretty pussy. 

Select witch warehouse you want her shipping from and simply click the big button to make her yours!


Or  also view Sex Doll Jade by clicking here...

3) Lisa

Sex Doll Lisa - Ultra realistic Sex doll from

 Sex Doll Lisa will be your daily relaxer by sexual therapy. She will please you every time and any time you want her. She is wanting to experiment with more than just her mouth. This ultra realistic TPE ginger Sex Doll Stunner will give you unimaginable joy. 

Select where you want her to ship from and start making your sexual fantasies a reality. 

Or  also view Sex Doll Lisa by clicking here...

4) Evelyn 

Sex Doll made with TPE from Premium Dolls

Have you tried every Sex position there is? 

Sex Doll Evelyn is here to make sure you do! She will make you find new sexy ways you can both play around with. Her human-like skeleton and real feel TPE skin will make your mind (and balls) explode. She will make you train harder than at the gym. Her sex drive is endless. 

Select witch warehouse you want her shipping from and simply click the big button to make her yours!


Or  also view Sex Doll Evely by clicking here...

5) Yackeline

Sex Doll Yackeline at a discounted price -

Sex Doll Yackeline is the sensual exotic mistress you never imagined you'd find. Her long legs, skinny waist and real-feel tits will be constantly spinning around your head. She likes to stay in the bedroom for hours, and likes the naughty play even more than you do. She will taunt you and please you with her mouth, pussy and ass. 

 You can have her in 3 different sizes. Please select where you'd like her to ship from. 

Or  also view Sex Doll Yackeline by clicking here...

6) Lara - Our star 

Last and certainly not the lease. We have our Sex Doll Superstar. 

Lara is a fiesty Love Doll. 

"I love it when you spank me. Fuck me and I will make you lose yourself in passion and rediscover a new you” she says. “I will make you see new colors…” 

She now comes with the smart doll option. Apart from her gorgeous petite body with real-feel boobs, pussy, anus and mouth. You can now add a body warmer and moaning function. For the ultimate Sex experience.

Have this Gorgeous Blond Sex Doll in 2 sizes. Choose where you want her to ship from. Don't forget to add the smart doll option for extra satisfaction. 

Or  also view Sex Doll Lara by clicking here...


Have you ever had a sex doll? Which one is your favorite? Do you have a sex doll story you want to share? 

Send it to us at: Get you story published and a discount code for your next doll.

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