Lockdown Lovers - Why Sex Dolls Became The Sex Toy Of Choice In 2020

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Thanks to Covid-19 sex toy sales are booming more than ever. In April 2020, Buzzfeed reported that sex toy sales were up 600%! With more and more couples separated due to national quarantines and lockdowns, people have explored sexual pleasure in a whole new way. The products are kinkier, friskier and more adventurous. People have re-discovered the sex doll as a product of passion and companion. 

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The interest in sexual exploration has been prompted by boredom, isolation and curiosity. Long gone are the days of the blow up sex doll; now, we live in the days of the sex doll human-equal. Our sex dolls are more advanced than ever before. Browse through our selection of AI Sex Robots and discover how both sexual and non-conversations are held, how she learns from your conversations each time and how she recognizes your voice.

Normal sexual release isn’t enough anymore. We’re evolving and as we do so, we crave the next big thing. Quarantine has given people the opportunity to try new things now they have the time. With all of us wanting to escape reality a little, it makes sense that we should choose to do so through the bedroom and the sex toys that can help us along the way.

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2020 saw sex dolls become more than a quick fix for sexual frustration. The New York Post reported that Americans were buying more of the life-like dolls, with sales up 25% year-on-year. One body builder even married his sex doll. Whether you’re looking for sexual pleasure or simple companionship, find both in a sex doll. Our girls are here to stay up with you all night long, whatever that entails. 

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With lingerie sales dropping, it is clear to see that isolation is one of the key drivers of sex doll sales. More and more people are alone and want to stimulate themselves with something more than the traditional sex toy. The best thing about a sex doll is the customization it offers. Whilst a standard sex toy comes as one size fits all, a sex doll can be made to your exact preferences meaning whatever turns you on, you can find it all in one. 

Looking for a busty brunette with thick thighs and a small waist? Want a naughty blonde with a petite frame and blue eyes? Build your sex doll as you like and what’s more is if you choose a high tech enabled doll (AI doll), she’ll be able to learn what you like from your conversations.

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Join thousands of other people who discovered the pure pleasure of a sex doll this year. Find out why sex dolls became the toy of choice amongst the many, not the few. What are you waiting for? Explore our collections today.

Do you use sex toys? What do you think of sex dolls vs sex toys?

Have you ever had a sex doll? Which one is your favorite? Do you have a sex doll story you want to share? 

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