How To Use A Sex Doll - For Beginners

Sex dolls are exciting, sexy and fun but for beginners that might not always seem like the case. We often get many questions all asking the same thing: Where do I begin? Sex dolls can be used for a whole range of things but that’s just it. There’s so many, how do you know where to start. In today’s blog we’ll show you our best starting points so you can rest easy knowing you’re doing the right thing with your sex doll and new sex doll life.

Sex dolls are designed for your comfort. We make all of our sex dolls customizable because we want you to have an enhanced sexual experience. We use certain materials to make them as realistic as possible as well as having particular options you can choose for the same reason. Not only can you enjoy touching a sex doll as if they were as soft as a real woman, you can also do a range of activities as if they were a real woman. So, how do you use a sex doll as a beginner?

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Before you even start to engage in sexual relations with your sex doll, it is important to get her and in turn, yourself, ready. Enjoy a variety of positions and penetration with your sex doll as you would with a real life partner but make sure she is first lubricated; this will make it easier and more comfortable for you when you first start. You can either use lube or choose one of our self lubricating sex dolls so that you don’t have to interrupt sex each time. Remember to make sure all entrance points have been lubricated for ultimate satisfaction. We recommend you try out a water based lubricant instead of an oil or silicone one as these may degrade the material of your sex doll over time.

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So, you’ve tried your first time out with your sex doll and everything is working as it should - what’s next? As much as we make our sex dolls resemble real women as much as possible, one of the best things about a sex doll is the fact that they’re not real. This means you’ll be able to put them into different positions and practise before doing it with a real partner. Grow your confidence by putting your sex doll into all kinds of positions and taking charge in the bedroom. You may just surprise yourself.

The Perfect Addition

If you’re already in a relationship and are comfortable speaking about the addition of a sex doll in the bedroom then your new sex doll could be the perfect excuse for a threesome. Spice up your existing relationship by introducing a new person into the mix. The best part of all? No one’s feelings will be hurt as you choose how, when and where you’d like to use your sex doll. We recommend holding open and honest dialogue with your partner beforehand to make sure everyone feels the same.

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Role Play

So you’re comfortable with the mechanics of a sex doll as a beginner but you’re not sure how to take it to the next level? Why not dress your sex doll up and try a bit of role play. Choose multiple outfits for her and either change your sex doll between sessions or frequently within one night. Create new stories for you and your sex doll and maybe engage in a little dress up yourself. Are you up to the challenge?  Top tip: take a look at our suggestions of role play with your sex doll for an easy start.

A Companion

While sex doll has its primary purpose in its name - sex, it’s not all about sex. Some of our customers choose to use their sex doll as a companion. There are many who just use their sex doll as a companion and equally as many who do both. Find your perfect sex doll and craft your dream woman with our customizable options before you treat and spoil her as you would a girlfriend. Cook dinner together, watch a movie or even go on a picknick. The activities and choices are endless. Why not start your day with something wholesome and end it with something a little more seductive.

Sex dolls can be daunting for beginners but they don’t have to be. Follow our tips above for a satisfying relationship with your sex doll. Let us know how it goes, we’ll be here for any help you might need. So, what are you waiting for? Explore our range of sex dolls today before it’s too late.

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