Sex Doll New Arrivals - Fall 2019

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This fall we have brought you NEW SEX DOLLS! 

The cold months are coming and Premium Dolls brings you brand new Sex Dolls to keep you warm and entertained. Introducing 19 new models. ALL available with Body Heating and Moaning Function.

2 Curiosities: 1) A Trans Doll 2) Doll with boobs bigger than her head. 

View the New Sex Doll Arrivals Collection here!

Premium Dolls: High Quality TPE Love Dolls. Offering the Lowest prices in the industry, Safe delivery with maximum discretion. And. Of course... Lots of Fun. 

Enjoy ;) 

Check out our new arrivals:

1) Melanie

Sex Doll Melanie frontal view from Premium Dolls

Sex Doll Melanie is a tall gorgeous blonde  of 170cm who loves sports and gifting you amazing mouth orgasms. Sex Doll Melanie is a naughty girl who wants to show how amazing she is at pleasing men with her breasts, bj skills, her sweet sweet pussy and her tight anus. She's can be yours now with internal body heating so when you lay next to her at night and get down to "business" she gives the ultimate sensation of reality.  

2) Layla

Sex Doll Layla from Premium Dolls

Sex Doll Layla is also a tall stunning lady. She is a lingerie model in Paris. She's classy and kinky. She loves to strip down naked to exhibit her sexy figure and hounds of men desire her. She has small curvy hips and a plumb butt that bounces up and down when you get down to "business" together. She will let you fuck her in any way you can imagine (thanks to her steel skeleton with natural human movements).  Add the smart doll options to hear her scream in pleasure whilst you are having the time of your life. 

 Get her now before she goes off sale!  

3) Delilah

Sex Doll Delilah naked frontal view from Premium Dolls

Sex Doll Delilah comes in 6 different sizes for you to choose your best fit. She's a tanned gorgeous girl with a limitless sex drive that will leave you dry. Her soul purpose is to please you in any way you desire. Whether it being by laying next to her or by fuking her brains out in all her holes (mouth, pussy and anus). Sex Doll Delilah is made with ultra realistic TPE skin which closely resembles the touch of human skin. (in fact all our Premium Dolls are made with TPE). She's the ultimate horny girl next door who has been eyeing you for years and wants you too fool around with her. Don't let her get away! 

View All 19 New Sex Doll Arrivals!

4) Penelope

Sex Doll Penelope naked view -

Sex Doll Penelope is a tall sensual being with small hips and big bouncy boobs. Many man have fallen for Penelope's charm. She has a warm innocent look, but when she lets herself go she's a real sex minx. Sex Doll Penelope enjoys prolonged sexual adventures and is wanting to give herself to you! She will guide you through waves of pleasure you never thought possible. She's wanting to give you a lot more than her kisses ;) Take her home now! 

5) Arianna 


Are you a lover of big boobs? You are in luck. Sex Doll Arianna is the perfect lady for you. Sex Doll Arianna is elegant, gentle, as well as passionate lover. Her humongous breasts will make your jaw drop. She loves it you put your face in between them and make them giggle. She's looking for the man to treat her right for her to unleash her inner sexual being. She's been described as cute and gentle on the outside but a really crazy slut behind closed doors. Is Sex Doll Arianna the one for you? 

6) Bruna 


That's correct. Your vision is not failing you. She does have a penis!

For the adventurers, we have brought Sex Doll Bruna. A transexual Sex Doll! This hot blonde is wanting to dive into sexual experimentation for days on end. She's extremely kinky and hard to satisfy, but the orgasms she gives are stellar. With Sex Doll Bruna there is no messing about... She will blow all your previously conceived standards of sex away. She won't only give it to you. She loves to take it in her sweet ass of hers. Are you up for the challenge? 



Be sure to view ALL our New Sex Dolls.

All our Sex Dolls here are Premium Dolls are made with ultra realistic TPE skin. They all have steel skeletons which allow for natural human movements (and all sexual positions) as well as the possibility to incorporate some new cool features. Now all sex dolls come with the option to incorporate removable vagina (for easy cleaning) and standing feet. However, the smart doll options are the cooler features we now offer. We can now put body heating and moaning function on every sex doll at Premium Dolls. If you don't see this option displayed in the doll you are looking at, send us a message and we will sort it for you. 

Have you ever had a sex doll? Which one is your favorite? Do you have a sex doll story you want to share? 

Send it to us at: Get you story published and a discount code for your next doll.

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