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If you want to satisfy your sexual fantasies and you are low on cash, Premium Dolls has you covered. With $800, you can get yourself an ultra realistic quality sex doll. These sex dolls are like a human in their built, shape and feel. They feature a steel skeleton with movable joints (so you can pose them as you desire) as well as body warmers for real feel.

Here are the 3 of the many sexy Premium Dolls you can get for a discounted price right away.


Monique is a unique TPE sex doll. This brunette has a super realistic real feel body that will drive you nuts. Her mouth is specially designed for oral sex, with a depth of 12cm. She has a vagina depth of 17.5cm and her anus is 15.5cm deep. This super realistic sex doll will make you cum in every way. Monique is 140cm tall and weighs 24kg. She has a 75cm boob and her bra size, if you care to dress her up, she has a F cup. She has a metal skeleton that allows her to stand straight and bend in any position you want her to, while having wild fun. Her waist is 45 cm wide, the hip is 79.5cm and her arm and leg lengths are 35cm and 53cm, respectively. She comes in discreet packaging delivered extra fast with Fedex or Ups. This sexy brunette want's you to take her home to please you every night. 


If you want Monique, click here to buy her for under $800 today.



Megan is one of the most beautiful and wanted TPE sex dolls on the Premium Dolls website.  If you are someone that does not fancy huge or big boobs, then Megan is your best choice. She’s got this slim sexy body and small stylised breasts and beautiful ass. She comes as a blonde which turns the heat on for most men. Megan is good for oral sex, vaginal sex, and even anal penetration. She is currently on sale at an affordable price just under $800. Megan will fulfill your craziest dirties sexual fantasies. Bend her in any position you like thanks to her steel skeleton. And she will love it. She will arrive in discreet packaging and in a fast safe delivery with Fedex or Ups. This gorgeous blond sex doll is waiting for you to take her home. 


To get Megan today, just click here.



Britney is an extremely desired TPE sex doll on Premium Dolls. To the contrary of Megan, Britney has huge real-feel squeezable Boobs you won't ever get tired off. Her curvy sexy body and plumb bubble butt will make all your past sex expeirences obsolete.  Britney is wanting to give you all her self. She is ready (and wanting) you to penetrate her through the mouth, vagina even ass. This sex doll is at a discounted price of just under $800. Britney is your perfect match to try all your twisted dirty sex tricks you have ever dreamt of. Thanks to her steel skeleton, she can take you in any position you want. And she will love it. As always with premium dolls, Britney will arrive in a discreet packaging and in a fast safe delivery with Fedex or Ups. This gorgeous bit breasted sex doll is waiting for you to take her home. 


Buy Britney right now clicking here.


To get any of these love dolls, visit or you can easily Google “premium dolls”. These dolls are realistic and it is a way of taking your sexual pleasure to the next level. Discrete packaging sent fast with Fedex or Ups. 


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