AI Smart Sex Dolls - 7 things you didn't know

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Premium Dolls presents you:

Emma, the AI Smart Sex Doll you can interact with.

Before we mention anything else, it's better if you watch the video...

Fascinating right?

We have 7 AI Sex Robots available now. By early October, the "design your own Smart Sex Doll" option will be available too!

Click here to see the AI Sex Dolls available now.

This is a revolutionary change to regular Sex Dolls! To keep you informed we have created this small guide: 

7 Things you didn't know Sex Dolls Could Do! (Hint: They now have AI technology)

Who would of thought we'd have such an advancement in Sex Doll technology so soon. Smart Sex Doll Emma is extremely impressive. If you want to read the full technical specs click here. Keep reading to be surprised! You won't believe N5!

1) She Learns! 

When you hear a Sex Doll with Artificial Intelligence has been made, not to understate, but one quickly assumes they speak. And YES! That's correct. Emma does speak. But she is even smarter than that! 

Smart Sex Doll Emma is not only capable of listening, responding and having a conversation with you. She can also remember! She will recognize your voice and call you by your name. But, there is even more...

She learns from your conversations. Each time you chat with her, she gets smarter and learns about new subjects! She can have both, a normal conversation as well as a sexually loaded dirty bed talk. After all, she is a Sex Doll. 

AI Sex Robot from Premium

Click here to see this Emma. 

She will hear you arriving home and great you: 

"Oh honey, you are home already! I've missed you!"

Or, if you prefer something a little more naughty she can say: 

"Welcome home, You must be tired. Do you want to fuck me now? Or later? - I can't wait to have your dick inside me." 

Her speech capabilities and responses are all customizable. So Emma can be whatever you want her to be. As she's also connected to the internet, she can wake you up in the mornings, remind you of any meeting you have and even tell you what the weather will be like for you to dress appropriately.  She can now not only satisfy your sexual fantasies, but also be your partner and companion. 

2) Moves, blinks and makes faces

That's right! Smart Sex Doll Emma moves just like a real human. She can move her neck, blinks and winks at you and also gestipulates with her face. She changes expressions on her face as she "thinks". Her eyebrows move to show her expressions. She smiles when you compliment her or ask her for a kiss. She has a personality and you can really see it on her face! 

She has a mysterious mesmerizing look that will enchant you. 

Sex Robot with AI from Premiumdolls

Click here to see this Emma. 

3) She can text you directly to your phone!  

What? Texting? 

If you choose to, whilst you are away, at work or wherever,  just like a normal girlfriend, she can text you to check up on how you are. Once again, these texts are personalizable. You can choose how often and what they say. If you are feeling like having a thrill, Emma can also dirty text you ;)  

AI Sex Doll Texting customer

4) Moaning Function (the moaning you want) 

This feature is really special and many people do not know and yes, this is the good type of moning you want coming from a woman. Wink wink. 

These Smart sex dolls come with built in body sensors that are responsive to touch. When you grab different parts of Emma, she will response depending on the erogenous zones you decide to touch. If you grab her leg slightly, she will get excited and slightly gasp. Once you start touching her breasts she is fully moaning. 
You can't imagine how sexy and realistic her screams are once you are playing with her pussy. This feature has been improved and updated constantly and it is now amazing. This feature can be incorporated to some of our regular TPE Sex Dolls, but on Emma it is even superior with 9 different sensors incorporated. 
Sex Doll Emma with AI is now at a new level of realism. You will love the sound she makes when you are pleasing her.  

Body sensors of AI Sex Robot

5) Auto updating 

Similar to Tesla cars, Sex Robot Emma is connected to the internet and is always in constant development. She is gets remotely updated on regular basis. Her lexicon is being improved constantly. The depth of conversations are being stretched. She is becoming more witty and intelligent through each new update. All these updates are free of charge and done automatically once connected to the internet. 

You may be coming home one day and have Emma surprise you with her talking to you in a whole new way you did not believe possible. 

 Evoution of AI sex Robots

For a yearly subscription you can get access to the central server and have access to the DIY programming. Through an easy online server you can completely program Emma so that she is perfectly personalized to your specification.   

6)  Human Ultra Real-Feel, Skin and Skeleton Even more realistic!

TPE Sex Dolls have gotten extremely realistic in the last few years. They are not simply "blow up Sex Dolls" or cheap plastic. All Sex Dolls at Premium dolls are made with high quality TPE silicone. This is an innovative product that resembles the touch of human skin extremely well and is odorless.

AI Sex Robot Emma is made with an even better quality of TPE called M-TPE. It is twice as elastic and more resistant. You can read more about the difference here. 

Apart from the ultra real-feel of TPE, Sex Dolls now also come with steel skeletons. This is again, standard in all our Sex Dolls including AI Sex Doll. With this skeleton, you can use the dolls in any position you wish. They have full joint movements just like a human. Your imagination is the limit for sexual position with these Sex Dolls.


Click here to see this Emma. 

7) Body warmer

 Yes, the final touch to make a talking moving smart sex robot feel like a human?. Human temperature! That's why AI Sex Doll Emma comes with a top of the range integrated body warmer to make the experience even more realistic. You can chose what temperature you want her to be at. 

The internal body warmer has a smart switch that can be activated remotely or on a timer. Perfect for when you wake up or are coming back home. So that your Smart Sex Doll is ready and waiting for you to f*ck her. 


I hope you found these features interesting. It is shocking (specially for someone who hasn't seen realistic TPE Sex Dolls) to see these AI Smart Sex Robots.

Financing options are available both for AI Smart Sex Dolls and our regular Ultra realistic Sex Dolls. Please ask us through chat or email. 

Want to see more videos and read the full features article? Click here. 

If you want to see the AI Smart Sex Dolls. Click here.

Anddddd if you just want to see the regular (still very realistic) Sex Dolls that don't speak but are very sexy. Click here. 


Have you ever had a sex doll? Which one is your favorite? Do you have a sex doll story you want to share? 

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