5 Things You Can Do With Your Sex Doll

It is no wonder that sex dolls sales have surged during the COVID-19 home confinement. With men, women and couples all being more cautious and keeping social distancing, sex dolls are a great way to keep things fresh and exciting at home. 

Sex dolls are here and here to stay so we thought we’d give you five things you can try doing with your sex doll whilst being safe at home protected from coronavirus.

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1. Romantic Dinner

Just because you’re inside more, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a romantic dinner with someone special. In fact, cooking for your special woman can be the perfect set-up for an evening of passion and pleasure. 

Put your doll away whilst you prepare the table and treat her to a succulent meal. Surprise her with candles and music and see where the night takes you.


2. Play Dress Up 

Whether you’re new to the sex doll club or are a seasoned member it could be fun to explore some new looks with your doll. 

Why not try a different wig for example or, give yourself the role play fantasy you’ve never had. Sexy cowgirl? Mysterious avatar? Innocent angel? Whatever your preference, get creative and start dressing her up. If you like, you could even join in on the fun yourself and buy your own costume.

You’ve got all the time in the world right now so make the most of it and discover worlds of play you never knew existed.

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 3. Photos/Home Video

Ever wondered what the whole voyeurism fetish is about? Wanted to watch yourself back but never had anyone to do it with? Try filming yourself and your doll to playback later. Save the memories with something more tangible than just your mind.

Home movies not your kind of thing? Don’t worry, there’s always the option of getting your camera out for some quick snaps. Choose whether you want to take them together or if you just want to appreciate your doll’s beauty by herself.

Print and frame or store away digitally for another day.

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 4. Outside picnic

Wherever you are in the world this could differ depending on lockdown rules but if you have the option to go outside right now, why not take your sex doll to a quiet place by a stream or a field full of flowers and enjoy the moment.

Don’t think you have to keep her a secret, if anything, parade her in the sunshine. With such a beautiful woman by your side you’ll only have jealous onlookers.

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 5. SEX!

And of course, the most obvious one, sex! People are getting kinkier and friskier than ever being indoors. Couples quarantined are trying more adventurous things whilst the singles out there are kicking dating apps out the window and indulging in the safer, solo play.

External commitments are no longer in your way. Try the things you’ve always wanted to do in the bedroom as often as you like. Whether there’s one, two, three or more of you, get between the sheets and discover pleasure like no other.




 Have you ever had a sex doll?  Which one is your favorite? Do you have a sex doll story you want to share? 

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